Did you know you can run a marathon through Instagram?

What Next?

FREE BEER! And pour it out of the wall yourself!

Far, far away in London’s East End, you will find a beer pouring interactive billboard. Otherwise known as Carlsberg’s latest promotion, ‘Probably the best poster in the world.’ Not surprisingly, the attention this campaign has attracted means that a number of on-site logistics were needed – drinkers are required to produce ID and are limited to one beer. A security guard is also on hand to keep things in order. Check out the local beer enthusiasts taking advantage of the ‘pour yourself a free beer’ offer.

Viral video of the week

Can a car deliver a message to space?

Young Steph wanted to send a message to her father – the only problem was, he’s currently hovering above Earth in the International Space Station. With help from drivers in 11 Hyundai Genesis cars, her message was amazingly delivered. Along the way, Hyundai achieved the Guinness World Record for the “largest tire track image” and over 28 million views.

TV ratings

Wait, MKR was beaten by what?

National Free to Air Station Audience
Seven News-Sun Ch 7 1,457,000
My Kitchen Rules-Tue Ch 7 1,418,000
My Kitchen Rules-Wed Ch 7 1,384,000
My Kitchen Rules-Sun Ch 7 1,360,000
My Kitchen Rules-Mon Ch 7 1,325,000
The Block-Sun Ch 9 1,284,000
Nine News-Sun Ch 9 1,283,000
60 Minutes-Sun Ch 9 1,188,000
The Block-Sun Ch 9 1,183,000
Seven News-Mon Ch 7 1,166,000
13/04/15 – 19/04/15

Did you know you can run a marathon through Instagram?

Reebok has launched an Instagram-based campaign which allows followers to virtually run through San Francisco. Players begin the game at a specially designed Instagram account, which acts as the starting line. Successfully follow the “race” to the finish line at the Golden Gate Bridge and you enter a draw to win a pair of new Reebok ZPump Fusion runners. Using the notoriously stagnant Instagram interface to their advantage, ingenious.

App of the Week

Lost your dog? Don’t worry there’s an app for that

Pedigree are determined to make sure you find your Fido fast, in the event he or she stray. Pedigree Found allows owners to set up a profile, which in turn becomes a ‘lost poster’ if your pup goes M.I.A. Geo-targeting works with the app to serve the real-time poster to those in the area, in addition push notifications will be sent out amongst other app users.

What do you get when Uber meets Game of Thrones?

It’s becoming a question of “what won’t Uber do?”, after their latest involvement in promoting HBO’s new standalone streaming service, HBO Now. Game of Thrones fanatics living in Manhattan were given the opportunity to use the Uber app for a chance to sit in the Iron Throne, or take a ride in throne themed pedicabs, simply by using the promo code “ThroneRides”. Commence jealousness.

Website of the week

How to walk around The Beatles’ old stomping ground

Google’s Street View is, and always will be, a fun tool often used to transport oneself to faraway places from behind the comfort of a desktop or mobile screen. Now the service has gone the extra mile, inviting you to explore the birth place of some of the most important and influential recorded music in history. The interactive experience, Inside Abbey Road, allows users from across the globe to virtually explore the grounds of the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

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