My Kitchen Rules returns with a bang

What Next?

Game of Thrones recruit fans to catch dragons

HBO are promoting the fifth season of Game of Thrones with a massive social media campaign asking viewers to #CatchDrogon. Our boy Drogon hasn’t been seen since early season 4, and to catch him users have been asked to bait the dragon into the Twittersphere. Just share a photo or gif of what you think is the best way to catch him with the hashtag #CatchDrogon. If your bait is successful, the GoT Twitter account will send you a unique content and physical prizes. The responses so far have been pretty hilarious and, given the mass leak of the first half of season 5, provide a bit of fun between episodes.

Viral Video of the Week

This guy is better at sports than you

You know how you struggle to hit a basic free-throw on a good day? Well, 23-year-old FC Barcelona defender, Martin Montoya, nailed a long-distance shot, with his foot. Yep, let that sink in. With nearly 8 million loops on the football clubs Vine, it’s fair to say this magical moment has rightfully gone viral.

TV Ratings

My Kitchen Rules returns with a bang

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules-Wed Ch 7 1,467,000
My Kitchen Rules-Mon Ch 7 1,445,000
My Kitchen Rules-Tue Ch 7 1,416,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,319,000
My Kitchen Rules-Sun Ch 7 1,279,000
Seven News-Mon Ch 7 1,238,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,214,000
60 Minutes-Sun Ch 9 1,192,000
Nine News- Sun Ch 9 1,190,000
Seven News-Mon Ch 7 1,182,000
06/04/15 – 12/04/15

Is IKEA really offering virtual weddings?

Our Swedish friends from IKEA have now come up with virtual weddings to complement your flat packed furniture. Their Wedding Online service has just been launched, allowing users to create their own online wedding from a choice of beautiful locations, of course decorated with IKEA products ready-to-buy. Users are able to connect with the service via Facebook and online video streaming to create a virtual wedding complete with their friends and family, with these memories recorded for posterity.

App of the Week

The drinks are on Shazam

First you could drink a billboard, now you can drink a commercial. Viewers who watch Coke Zero’s latest spot are prompted to log in into the music discovery app, Shazam. There, the Coke Zero being poured on-screen will continue to fill up on your phone until it reveals a free bottle to be redeemed. Rethinking traditional advertising with this revolutionary app, very clever.

Why is Uber providing alcohol breath tests?

Uber’s latest campaign, Uber Safe, features a roadside alcohol breath test. After 12:00 AM, notoriously dodgy-decision-o’clock, the activation allows participants to test if they are fine to drive home. If you blow over the limit, Uber will come to the rescue with a free ride home; eliminating any temptation to take a risk and jump in the car. Another innovative activation from the transport service rebel, check it out:

Website of the Week

Let me Drake that for you

Another week, another Drake fan-made beauty. This time, forget Google as your go-to search engine, because all you need is Drake. Let Me Drake That For You works just the same as its mainstream competitors, except instead of using advanced algorithms to generate relevant search results, everything is linked back to the Canadian rapper. While the novelty of the site will only last a short while, it is very apparent Drake is quickly becoming the King of User Generated Content. Take note marketers.

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