Why does this billboard keep disappearing?

Incredibly, Audi’s A7 Sportback h-tron emits only water vapour from it’s exhaust, and while it is purely a concept at this point in time, Audi has begun marketing this revolutionary car. With the mantra ‘innovative products deserve innovative advertising’ in mind, the car manufacturer has created billboards that, like the h-tron, leave nothing behind. Channelling Tupac’s 2012 live show, the disappearing billboards were created using projectors and a fog machine, check it out:

Viral Video of the Week

Oh hey there, bro, do you like watching video?

This is the service you’ve been waiting for. Introducing Nitflux, the self-appointed “No.1 NZ streaming site in the world” buoyed by 11 subscribers. And as for content? Well, prepare to be dazzled! Nitflux’s library is practically bursting at the seams, with SIX VIDEOS adorning the shelves (carrying titles such as The Lord of the Rungs, The Lord of the Rungs 2, Avatar, Black Sheep, The Lord of the Rungs 3, and The Hobbit). The Nitflux video itself is at almost 200,000 views. Choice as bro!

tv ratings

The Block shines without MKR

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Block-Mon Ch 9 1,336,000
Nine News-Fri Ch 9 1,202,000
The Block-Mon Ch 9 1,177,000
Nine News-Sun Ch 9 1,089,000
Nine News-Fri Ch 9 1,056,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,018,000
Seven News-Mon Ch 7 1,018,000
Seven News-Tue Ch 7 1,013,000
Nine News-Tue Ch 9 1,002,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9     96,000
30/04 – 05/05


Coke’s new ad is oh so tasty

To celebrate the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) ‘Final Four’ semi-finals, Coke has created a giant drinkable billboard. Attached to a Coke Zero sampling station below, fans were encouraged to compete in a drink off. By blowing into their smartphone’s microphone as if it were a straw, whoever finished their bottle first, scored free Coke Zero for their team’s fans. As part of the wider drinkable campaign, Coke also utilised Shazam, interactive mall kiosks, vending machine mascots and drinkable flyers to similarly effective outcomes. Who’s thirsty?

App of the week

Wearable tech for your little predator?

Want to gaze through your feline’s nine lives over Instagram? Well, thanks to Whiskas Australia and ‘Catstacam’, now you can. The device, a small camera that goes around the neck, has been cleverly designed to capture life from a kitty’s point of view. The images are shared onto the cat’s own Instagram every 20 seconds (that’s almost as much as Kylie Jenner!) accompanied with a caption that invites owners to reach out to Whiskas’ cat experts, by commenting with #AskWhiskas, if they see anything that requires an explanation. We think most owners would agree this kind of tech would provide much needed answers about these aloof little creatures. Take a look at the video below to see Catstacam in action.

Nope, this isn’t an April Fool’s prank

Press button, receive household goods. For real. Amazon has developed the ‘Amazon Dash Button’, an electronic tab to attach to a wall near your favourite and most used household products. The tab consists of a brand logo and a white button. When supplies are running low, simply press on the button and an order is automatically produced by sending a signal to your smart phone which connects to Amazon. Delivery occurs to your door within days of you pressing the button! See more here:

Website Of The Week

Google Maps + Pac Man!

Here is another excuse to ‘chew up’ time – Google Maps has included a Pac Man feature for a little bit of fun! Simply go to the Google Maps website, and a Pac Man icon will pop up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen (pictured above). Google will check your settings to see if the game will work depending on your location, and will render a game level to see if you can play the game. If you can’t play based on your local area, an “I’m Feeling Lucky” prompt will appear and you can chomp around at a new random location. Waka waka waka waka

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