Bruising for a good cause

In Hungary, 1 out of 5 women are victims of violence. In a bid to raise awareness of this, as well as money for women’s shelters, Budapest’s ACG advertising agency has launched #hurtsmetoo, a campaign using a special set of temporary tattoos that look like bruises. More than one hundred celebrities, singers, media personalities, and fashion designers have taken part in the campaign so far. As well as raising awareness about abuse, people can join in and support the cause by purchasing a temporary tattoo set. Check it out here.

The world’s smallest, biggest shoe shop

Cleverly placed between two other stores in the biggest retail strip in Brasil, Netshoes have opened a pop-up store that is just wider than the iPad that centres the space, complete with door matt and mini-signage. Dubbed as the World’s Smallest Pop-Up, the iPad simply loads the standard online store to give passersby the ability to shop over 40,000 pairs of sporting shoes in seconds. The store also encourages users to download the store’s app on their own devices. It’s a very cool little stunt, bringing the eComm giant into the real-world.

tv ratings

Howzat! What knocked MKR from the top?

National Free to Air Station Audience
World Cup Cricket – Sun Ch 9 2,223,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,961,000
World Cup Cricket – Sun Ch 9 1,886,000
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,713,000
World Cup Cricket – Thurs Ch 9 1,664,000
My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,535,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,523,000
Nine News – Thurs Ch 9 1,298,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,125,000
Seven News – Wed Ch 7 1,110,000
23/03/15 – 29/03/15

Viral Video of the Week

Ed Sheeran the wedding crasher

When Kyle & Jackie O made the move to KIIS FM, they cited branded content as the future of their business and with the help of nice guy Ed Sheeran, the duo continue to be waves ahead of their competition both on and off air. Kya and Matt Debono won the radio station’s Dream Wedding Competition, but got more than they bargained for when Ed Sheeran made his way to the reception to perform their first dance song. The combination of a sad back story and Ed Sheeran singing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ at a wedding, in this day and age means a viral content win (3.9 million views and counting)!

App of the week

The live streaming fridge revolution is here

Twitter’s newly acquired Periscope app is now available for iOS. Like the similarly buzzy app Meerkat, it lets you live stream video of your life from your smartphone to anyone in the world. The app is just a few days old, but people are already streaming everything from morning commutes to breaking news to, strangely, the contents of their fridges. In the long run, it could be a hit or it could be a fad; either way, it’s got people’s attention, and you should know about it too.

Read more on BCM TwoCents here.

Can this spray paint save your life?

Of late, Volvo has been coming up with some ingenious ideas to get drivers and non-drivers alike talking about the features of their cars. Unlike their Swedish Air stunt though, LifePaint has a real practical purpose. The product contains reflective particles that are invisible by day but will light up at night in the glare of headlights. With cyclists encouraged to spray on their clothes, backpacks and other items, the paint will make them more visible to cars at night. Check it out:

Website of the Week

Paris remains linked in love

When Paris ordered the removal of 40,000 “love locks” from its iconic Pont des Arts Bridge, Orange decided to comfort those disappointed by the removal of their locks, by recreating the bridge digitally. With assistance from photographer Alexis Bourdillat, who spent seven months photographing the locks, the lost locks were resurrected through relocklove. There, you’ll also find insightful video content telling the stories of some of couples who once placed the locks there.

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