The world’s first piggyback taxi service

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Can you imagine a life without colour?

Valspar has launched a new initiative called #ColorForAll and is raising awareness through a short film, appropriately titled “Color for the Colourblind.” As seen in the film, the paint brand teamed up with EnChroma, a tech company that develops glasses allowing the colour-blind to see in vivid colour. The film was directed by John X. Carey, the man behind Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ (it may even be shot in the same lofty warehouse), and tells the stories of people who have been challenged by colour blindness. Queue good feels:

Viral video of the week

Buy a gun that killed a mum

To address the delusion that owning a gun makes you and your family safer, non-profit group States United to Prevent Gun Violence decided to get fairly blunt with prospective first-time buyers in a very clever fashion. The would-be gun owners change their mind, rather quickly, when confronted with even remote tales of violence. In the last week, the video has racked up over 3 million views, check it out:

tv ratings

Routine week with MKR on top

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules-Mon Ch 7 1,756,000
My Kitchen Rules-Wed Ch 7 1,602,000
My Kitchen Rules-Tue Ch 7 1,567,000
My Kitchen Rules-Thu Ch 7 1,376,000
The Block Room Reveal Ch 9 1,261,000
Nine News-Sun Ch 9 1,151,000
The Block -Sun Ch 9 1,137,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,133,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,080,000
Seven News-Mon Ch 7 1,039,000
16/03/15 – 22/03/15

The world’s first piggyback taxi service

To launch their ‘pick-me-up’ caffeinated chocolate, and to play on the brand’s vaguely Mexican roots, ZANG has launched the world’s first (wrestler-driven) piggyback taxi service in Cape Town. Members of the public were encouraged to tweet using #ZangLift with their desired destination before being ferried by a flamboyantly dressed man-mountain in a leotard. With passengers also encouraged to snap and submit their shots across the social media stratosphere, what followed was a slew of retweets and widespread international coverage. Simple, cost effective and hunky men. We love it.

app of the week

Durex announce app set to improve your sex life

For weeks, Durex teased they had developed an app to improve people’s sex lives. In actual fact, they found, with the help of Durham University, the sexiest thing you can do with your mobile phone in the bedroom is turn it off. So thanks to the newly created DurexLabs, there is now an “app” that can help you do just that.

What is Samsung doing in a birthing suite?

The barrier of distance often keeps people from being part of momentous life experiences. With this in mind, Samsung decided to help bring a young Aussie couple together to share in one of life’s most beautiful moments. Using the Samsung Gear VR, and a heartfelt piano score, the world’s first live virtual reality birth was possible.

Website of the week

On this site, twice a day, something magical happens

Outdoor sports brand Peak Performance has created a campaign targeting cyclists, golfers and runners. The brand has created virtual pop-up stores that aim to give engaged consumers free products. The catch, is the stores can only be accessed at particular times through the great outdoors during ‘magic hour’, just before sunrise and again just before sunset. Take a look:


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