Are these the happiest URLs ever?

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico has registered URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness. Inputting any of these happy emoticons into a mobile web browser, followed by the .ws suffix, leads users to the brand’s website. The clever campaign is being supported by traditional media, including outdoor, and allows Coca-Cola to engage on a personal level with their most important demographic.

Viral Video of the Week

Happy Birthday, Photoshop

Last week Adobe’s flagship software, Photoshop, celebrated its 25th year anniversary. In tribute, to what is perhaps one of the most important pieces of software ever created, the brand released a spot dubbed Dream On, a snapshot view of all things Photoshop, from old to new. The amazing showcase has already notched over 1 million views in under a week! Check it out:

tv ratings

Do any other programs stand a chance against the almighty MKR?

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules-Tue Ch 7 1,717,000
My Kitchen Rules-Wed Ch 7 1,708,000
My Kitchen Rules-Mon Ch 7 1,688,000
My Kitchen Rules-Thu Ch 7 1,383,000
The Block Triple Threat -Sun Ch 9 1,114,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,100,000
Nine News-Sun Ch 9 1,085,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,071,000
Nine News-Thurs Ch 9 1,062,000
Nine News-Wed Ch 9 1,051,000
16/02/15 – 22/02/15

This is what happens when a sex toy company makes a movie…

Sex toy brand, Lelo, has announced they are releasing a mainstream movie in an ambitious attempt at content marketing (and no, apparently the film will not feature any of its products). To promote the movie, Lelo has unveiled an interactive trailer that must be watched with somebody else. The interactive experience, entitled PlayTogether, isn’t an app and doesn’t require a download. All that’s needed: two smartphones, a unique passcode and voila, you have a dual smartphone screen trailer. It’s a very cool experience which is  designed to help a couple appreciate each other’s perspective and bring them closer together.

App of the Week

Puncho delivers a knockout with its sensor-integrated glove

Most of us have swung a hammer at the EKKA to test our strength, but I think we’d all agree that it was for fun, not training. However, many athletes could benefit from reliable feedback on their strength – and thanks to Puncho, that’s now a reality. Puncho is an intelligent boxing glove that transmits measurements like force, speed and impact of punches to an app. The glove uses integrated sensors and a flexible screen based on OLED technology to display results.

Torso or billboard? You be the judge

To promote the United Nations’ World Food Programme, one of the world’s highest profile footballers, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (or more specifically, his torso) was used as the medium. Zlatan used his body as a temporary tattoo canvas, drawing attention to the world’s many millions of ‘nameless’ individuals who suffer from hunger. The tattoos were first revealed when the striker took off his shirt after scoring a goal for his side, PSG (a move that also saw the player pick up a yellow card!). Naturally, the bold statement was immediately picked up by global media, generating huge awareness for the cause and was further fuelled by Zlatan’s personal social media platforms.

Website of the Week

If you’re reading this it’s too Drake

Last week Canadian rapper Drake pulled a Beyoncé by dropping surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. His fans took marketing matters into their own hands, creating a website that allows users to generate their own version of the album cover, which instantly became a meme upon release. If you’re looking to Drakeify your life, check it out here.

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