Ever wanted to fly in virtual reality? Now you can.

What Next?

Say hello to the world’s largest GIF which can only be seen from space

GIF artist INSA is well-known for pushing the envelope with his various works of art – but his latest foray is out of this world – quite literally. INSA teamed up with scotch whisky brand Ballantine’s to create the world’s largest GIF, made by photographing four paintings over four days by satellite. When strung together, the images create a pulsating animation of yellow and pink hearts. Take a look at the impressive feat here:

Viral Video of the Week

Did Chevy just troll the entire USA with this Super Bowl ad?

While millions of Americans tuned into the biggest sporting event of the year on Monday, the Super Bowl, Chevrolet grabbed attention with its latest ad. The TV spot produced a slew of angry tweets and panicked cable viewers nationwide with arguably the best disruptive ad we’ve seen. We won’t give anything away, but take a look at the ad below and see what’s got Superbowl viewers abuzz:


TV Ratings

7 scores a match point with Aus Open finals

National Free to Air Station Audience
Aus Open – Men’s Final Presentation – Sun Ch 7 2,088,000
Aus Open – Men’s Final – Sun Ch 7 1,881,000
Aus Open – Kyrgios v Murray – Tue Ch 7 1,854,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,306,000
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (Part I) – Sun Ch 10 1,199,000
Aus Open – Women’s Final Presentation – Sat Ch 7 1,173,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,171,000
Nine News – Tue Ch 9 1,146,000
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (Part II) – Sun Ch 10 1,136,000
Nine News 6.30 – Tues Ch 9 1,132,000
26/01/15 – 01/02/15


Is this real-life logo blocker terrifying or revolutionary?

Sick of constantly being bombarded with advertisements, a crafty group of Pennsylvanian students have come up with a very real life hack – a custom headset that blurs logos. Dubbed the “Brand Killer”, the headset uses openCV image processing to detect and pixelate logos in the user’s vision. The Brand Killer has the potential to revolutionise wearable tech by providing a solution to an overcrowded corporate society. Watch this space!

App of the Week

Moving just got a whole lot cheaper with Roadie

Australians are used to being foisted with hefty delivery expenses which, more often that not, cost more than the actual item you’ve purchased. Fortunately, the era of sharing apps has come to home delivery with the Roadie App. Roadie allows users to transport their own goods, or earn money from transporting others’ goods. The peer-to-peer service is an alternative platform that uses locals to remove shipping costs – the only real cost is payment for the petrol used! Where do we sign up?

Ever wanted to fly in virtual reality? Now you can.

The high-tech, ultra-sleek future portrayed by the likes of Ridley Scott just got that little bit closer thanks to QANTAS. On Thursday, the Australian airline announced it would be rolling out virtual reality headsets across international flights and lounges for passengers. The headsets allow customers to tour other destinations and watch movies in immersive 3D, among other impressive features. The only catch? The headsets will only be available to first class passengers.

Website of the Week

GIF the gift of video with Imgur’s latest tool

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the last decade, you’ll be well-acquainted with animated GIFs – moving pictures used to convey reactions or relevant content by online users. Popular image hosting site Imgur has just released a new Video-to-GIF tool which allows users to turn online videos into moving GIFs by simply pasting in the video’s URL and hitting the “Create GIF” button. Users are able to select any portion of the video to convert from 0.5-15 seconds in length and add text if they wish. Finding the right reaction GIF just got a whole lot easier!

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