An app to help children with Autism

What Next?

What is this, a movie for ants?

It has to be at least three times bigger than this…

Marvel has just gone from comic book giant to stand-up comic with their latest content marketing move. The company recently released a video of a ridiculously small trailer to promote its upcoming superhero flick “Ant Man”, starring Paul Rudd. Take a look below!

If that one’s a little hard to see, here’s the ‘human-sized’ trailer for your human-sized eyeballs.

Viral video of the week

Shia LaBeouf cage fights a 12-year-old girl

With over 33 million views in under a week, you’d be among few who haven’t watched or heard about Sia’s new music clip for Elastic Heart. The clip depicts an interpretive-dance cage match between Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (who you’ll remember from Sia’s Chandelier clip –  which has climbed up to over 446 million views).

The clip was quickly engulfed with controversy with some complaining about inappropriate undertones, which Sia has come out and apologised for. Check out the clip below and judge for yourself, isn’t that what interpretive dance is all about?

TV ratings

Channel 9 catches the lion’s share of summer viewers

National Free to Air Station Audience
Fourth Test – Aus V India Ch 9 1,349,000
Nine News – Thurs Ch 9 1,222,000
Nine News 6:30 – Thurs Ch 9 1,184,000
Nine News – Wed Ch 9 1,174,000
Nine News – Fri Ch 9 1,162,000
Nine News- Sat Ch 9 1,159,000
Nine News – Tues Ch 9 1,149,000
Nine News 6:30 – Tues Ch 9 1,147,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,094,000
Nine News 6:30 – Mon Ch 9 1,082,000
5/01/15 – 11/01/15

These beer goggles are one hell of a rollercoaster ride

A stiff drink is a common cure to calm one’s nerves, but Indian beer company Kingfisher has taken it a step further in their latest promotional stunt ‘Beer Coaster’. The #KFBeerCoaster uses Virtual Reality headset Oculus Rift to take fans on a simulated rollercoaster ride. If the experience caused users’ heart to race, a Kingfisher beer then conveniently appears from a ‘Good Times Dispenser’. This is a great example of advertising with VR technology! Check it out.

App of the week

An app to help children with Autism

Look at Me’ by Samsung is setting out to improve facial recognition and eye contact abilities for children with Autism. Using the device’s camera, with a gamified platform that includes visual and sound effects and a point achievement system, the app engages autistic children and reinforces positive social behaviour. A survey of parents reports that 60% of participants achieved noticeable improvements using the program. One of these stories is recounted in this moving video:

Ralph Lauren trades blouses for burgers

In a show of style and hey, because he can, Ralph Lauren is opening his first restaurant in New York City this month. The Polo Bar is located close to the brand’s Fifth Avenue flagship store and features a polo match-inspired mural on the exterior, with an interior packed to the rafters with equestrian artwork and saddle leather seating. The menu features timeless favourites including rib eye steaks, corned beef sandwiches, crab cakes, and a signature Polo Bar burger. Hungry yet? Check out the dinner menu here.

Website of the week

Nike+ has written your New Year’s resolution

Nike’s latest campaign wants you to “outdo you” in 2015. The ad combines aggregate user information from the innovative Nike+ platform with a cartoon video by McBess to showcase the fitness achievements of their users in 2014. Nike+ users are also encouraged to login to the dedicated campaign website to create their own individualized video based on their activity data, location and weather information from the previous year.

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