#NewbornSelfies are the trend you never knew existed

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Dutch airline offers customers a chance to sleep with the crew

If, when you think of airplanes, cramped seats and bad food come to mind, think again. Airbnb and KLM Airlines have teamed up to offer one lucky customer the chance to spend the night in a MD-11 plane, fitted out with two kitchens, a master bedroom, a living room, and eight bathrooms to boot. The fly apartment also comes with free Wi-Fi, panoramic views, and €500 spending money with Airbnb.

Viral video of the week

Meet the new Barbie that comes with acne, stretch marks and cellulite

Tired with the unrealistic body image standards set by fashion doll Barbie, Nickolay Lamm designed Lammily, a doll with realistic, average proportions. Initially set with a crowdfunding goal of $95,000, Lamm quickly found himself with $501,000 in pledges instead. To test out what kids think, he took Lammily to a group of second-graders in Pittsburgh. Take a look at what the kids think of the “Average Barbie” doll for themselves here – you might be surprised by what they say:

tv ratings

News dominates a quiet week

National – Free to Air Station Audience 
NINE NEWS SUNDAY Ch 9 1,247,000
SEVEN NEWS – SUN Ch 7 1,199,000
ONE DAY CRICKET – GAME 5 Ch 9 1,171,000
SUNDAY NIGHT Ch 7 1,167,000
NINE NEWS – WED Ch 9 1,107,000
NINE NEWS – FRI Ch 9 1,106,000
SEVEN NEWS – WED Ch 7 1,088,000
NEWS / TODAY TONIGHT – WED Ch 7 1,043,000
17/11/14 – 23/11/2014

#NewbornSelfies are the trend you never knew existed

With the ongoing stream of cat and baby photos dominating our Facebook timelines, it was inevitable that newborns would be able to post to social media eventually. To hand control of the lens back to babies, Laura Cornet created a range of soft toys that allow infants to post to Facebook by themselves. Using a motion-sensing camera attached to a crib mobile, babies are automatically recorded whenever they reach upwards and have their actions posted to social media with randomly generated captions and hashtags.

App of the week

Play with your pet at home from thousands of kilometres away

Ever concerned about leaving your pets alone for extended periods of time? While you can’t be with them in person, Petcube offers an effective solution to spend time with your furry friends, even if you’re out of home. The app, connected to the remotely-controlled cube by mobile device, allows users to keep an eye on their pet, play with it using controllable lasers, and even speak to it with a two-way microphone. It also allows other users around the world to connect to your Petcube and play with your pet.

No cash? No problem – just use your face to pay

Ever had to face being caught without cash in public? That ‘face’ may just be the very thing that saves you, thanks to new technology by 100% Genuine Imported Food Chain Stores. Consumers are able to make purchases simply by scanning their faces, instantly overcoming any issues associated with stolen credit cards, carrying physical currency and the expense attached to needing an iPhone to use Apple Pay. The technology uses the unique capillary network data of the customer’s face to use the register.

Website of the week

Santa’s read your tweets, he’s checking them twice

Lost for ideas as to what to get your loved ones this silly season? Thankfully, #SeasonsTweetings have come early from retailer Tesco with the Secret Scanta website. By simply entering a person’s Twitter username, Secret Scanta scans their Twitter profile and suggests the perfect present based upon what they’re talking about and the price range you set. If you’re feeling a little stumped this Christmas, try out the website here for a few personalised suggestions.

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