Watch: Consumers battling festering boils and gangrene in Belgium

What Next?

Is this the world’s first human-powered football pitch?

Shell has created a soccer pitch in Rio De Janerio that captures the energy of players to sustainably power floodlights at night. The popular practice space for kids has been renovated with tiles located underneath the surface that charge when force is placed upon them. Throughout the day, the energy of the players using the field is captured and stored as electricity – keeping kids healthy and out of trouble at night. Not to mention dodging the high electricity bills that running floodlights would typically incur.

Viral Video of the Week

Watch: Consumers battling festering boils and gangrene in Belgium

We’ve all been there before – you’ve come down with the sniffles or an itchy arm, and before you know it, you’re consulting Dr Google. After all, consulting Google is quick, free and completely accurate, right?

Not so, says the Flemish government. Typing your symptoms into Google results in hundreds of potentially dangerous misdiagnoses every day. To combat this growing problem, the Belgian government partnered with DDB Brussels to buy Google AdWords for the top 100 symptoms so that, instead of showing cures, the top result would read, “Don’t Google it, check a reliable source”, with a click through to the Health and Science website.

Check out the amusing minute-long promotion for the campaign below and prepared to be enlightened – and horrified.

tv ratings

The race that stops the nations, tops the ratings

National – Free to Air Station Audience
Melbourne Cup-The Race Ch 7 2,178,000
Melbourne Cup-Race Presentation Ch 7 1,655,000
Melbourne Cup-The Mounting Yard Ch 7 1,452,000
The Big Bang Theory – Mon Ch 9 1,190,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,174,000
Seven News – Tues Ch 7 1,157,000
20/20 – AUS V South Africa Game 3 Ch 9 1,102,000
Seven News / Today Tonight – Tues Ch 7 1,062,000
The Big Bang Theory -Rpt – Mon Ch 9 1,039,000
Seven News – Wed Ch 7 1,039,000
03/11/14 – 10/11/14

Meet the personal shopping assistant you’ve always wanted

U.S. market chain Whole Foods has created an interactive wall of window panes, offering shoppers a glimpse into the lives of the local providers who grow the food the supermarket sells. A part of the campaign is a “Magic Mirror” that assigns each shopper’s body movements one of three different “auras” to recommend appropriate products. Another element incorporated, “Perfect Pairings”, is a series of touchscreens that suggest what wine or beer goes down best with particular foods. All the while, an Instagram feed showing produce still growing in the fields of suppliers is displayed.


App of the Week

Kick drunk Facebooking to the curb with Lockout

Ever had a few too many drinks and posted something you shouldn’t via social media? Hoping to prevent these types of intoxicated faux-pas, Lockout allows users to exclusively disable up to 6 social media applications before a night out, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr and Twitter, for a period lasting 1-10 hours. While Lockout is certainly not the first app to restrain drunken phone usage, it is the first to restrict social media access – a telling sign of how integral social media has become to our lives.

Crazy new café lets patrons inhale their food – Literally!

We’re often told as a measure of politeness not to “inhale our food”, but CafeArtScience in Cambridge is changing the rules by actively encouraging customers to do so – quite literally. The café, created by biochemical engineer, David Edwards, contains some unusual menu items, such as coffee you can smell through an oPhone, clouds you can ingest through a Le Whaf, and after dinner mints inhaled through an AeroPod.

Website of the Week

Want to win free air travel for… well… nothing?

That’s the question Delta Air Lines is asking with its new digital contest CloudGazer, which encourages users to look skyward and count as many clouds as possible. Each cloud has a corresponding point value, with the highest earner at the end of the campaign scoring a free roundtrip flight to any Delta destination. CloudGazer is promoting Delta Studio, the air carrier’s latest entertainment platform, which solves users’ boredom with high-quality entertainment options for every passenger on flights longer than 90 minutes.

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