100 reasons to use GIFs as outdoor ads

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100 reasons to use GIFs as outdoor ads

To promote its recent launch in France, Netflix has installed digital posters that change their content to match the context of their surroundings. The streaming giant created 100 GIFs from its back catalogue of movies and TV shows – some of which appearing to react to current events and weather. GIFs are undeniably eye-catching online and by taking them offline, Netflix has kept entertainment at its core.

Viral Video of the Week

Want to see the best music video ever? OK Go

OK Go, known as the creators of the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine, are at it again with another visual feast for their new song “I Won’t Let You Down”. Here’s 3 reasons it’s guaranteed to be the best music video you’ve ever seen:

(1) Ok Go’s band members singing while riding Honda UNI-CUBs, which look unsettlingly like mechanical tricycles
(2) The use of umbrellas to spell words and form incredible images in sweeping birds-eye shots
(3) This is OK Go’s best song yet, with infectious synths and a beat that’ll get you dancing in no time

Watch the video here:

Tv ratings

Big Bang back on top

National – Free to Air  Station Audience 
The Big Bang Theory – Mon Ch 9 1,211,000
60 Minutes – Sun Ch 9 1,174,000
The Big Bang Theory -Mon Rpt Ch 9 1,161,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,121,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,054,000
Nine News – Tues Ch 9 1,047,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,044,000
Today Tonight – Mon Ch 7 1,012,000
Nine News 6:30 – Mon Ch 9 997,000
Nine News 6:30 – Tues Ch 9 988,000
27/10/2014 – 02/11/2014

Warning! Honda’s latest ad is R-rated and amazing

Honda’s new website is a 21st century nod to the flipbooks of old. The video, which promotes the new Civic Type R, allows viewers to immerse themselves in two very different stories which overlap seamlessly by tapping the ‘R’ key. We won’t spoil too much, but we definitely recommend watching both. Check out the website and video here.

App of the week

Apple shocked as hacked iPhone app reveals user’s date of death

Here’s something Apple definitely didn’t anticipate when it launched the Healthkit app with iOS8: an app that uses data to calculate when you’ll die. Deadline calculates the user’s date of death by running an algorithm that factors in height, sleep patterns and amount of exercise undertaken through use of the Healthkit app. While the idea seems a bit creepy to us, living in the moment and making the most out of life is something we can all get behind.

Is this the scariest film ever?

The Oculus Rift is revolutionising the way we consume media by allowing people to immerse themselves totally in film and video games. As was inevitable, the first short film for the Oculus Rift is finally here, and we’re not sure we wanted it.

11:57 offers users a 360-degree living nightmare by plunging them headfirst as the main character in the horror film, promising that “you can scream but you cannot look away”.

If you dare, watch the trailer here and decide if you’re up for the 11:57 experience:

website of the week

The Chrome Experiment continues

Explore the 36-year-long journey of the ISEE-3 spacecraft in this Google Chrome Experiment. Watch an interactive documentary, read its instrument data, and view a live simulation of its position in our solar system. This website is wonderfully developed, beautifully designed and yet another example of Chrome Experiment awesomeness.

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