Issue 233 | 28 October 2014

What Next?

How to kick goals with content marketing

The world’s first real-time football show, #ShareTheSofa, is designed specifically for the second screen, courtesy of Heineken. With the objective of engaging global fans during the Champions League, each #ShareTheSofa experience features football stars hanging out on a sofa with friends, bands, actors and, of course, a Heineken bar. All created in real-time and published straight from the team’s sofa, this is content marketing at its finest.

Viral video of the week

What’s got these five little princesses dropping the F-Bomb?

No stranger to controversy, FCKH8 has once again turned heads with this ad which features a group of little girls dressed as princesses dropping the F-bomb. The campaign aims to highlight how profanity is less offensive than issues affecting women worldwide such as pay inequality, sexual assault and body image. Take a look at the video here and see what you think. Warning: given the amount of profanity, we don’t recommend watching these potty-mouthed princesses at work.

tv ratings

The X Factor fans stand by Marlisa

National – Free to Air Station Audience
The X Factor Grand Final-Winner Announced – Mon Ch 7 1,551,000
The X Factor Grand Final – Mon Ch 7 1,377,000
The Big Bang Theory – Mon Ch 9 1,136,000
The Force – Behind The Line – Wed Ch 7 1,125,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,064,000
60 Minutes – Sun Ch 9 1,056,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,045,000
Seven News / Today Tonight – Mon Ch 7 1,029,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,024,000
The Project 7pm – Mon Ch 10 1,015,000
Source: OzTam 20/10/14 – 26/10/14

Is bottled water solving the Ukranian civil war?

Despite civil unrest in the Ukraine, mineral water brand Borjomi has brought happiness and unity to the people of Lviv through unexpected means – a vending machine that doubles as a piano. The piano, placed in the city’s central square, rewards customers who play the best songs with a free bottle of water. Check out the video here and see what all the fuss is about:

Website of the week

Which supermodel prefers to be shot by Samsung?

Are you the next Annie Leibovitz? Samsung is out to prove just that with its new interactive website that lets users photograph supermodel Ronja Furrer in a photoshoot using a range of poses and various outfits. The website, which boasts over 6300 possible video frames, showcases the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s hi-res camera and capabilities in a professional setting. Get behind the lens here and see if you could be Vogue’s newest photographer.

Why are people sleeping together in London bookstores?

Following cues from IKEA, who allowed customers to stay overnight in their Sydney store, Airbnb have partnered up with Waterstones for a marketing stunt to allow shoppers to stay in their Piccadilly bookstore overnight. Inspired by an American student who was locked in to Waterstones accidentally overnight, the partnership have presented booklovers with the chance to win a sleepover amongst eight and a half miles of book shelves, including a tour, food, entertainment – and bedding, of course.

App of the Week

Did Dorothy secretly get an Uber to Emerald City?

Tap your heels together three times and say, “there’s no place like Uber”. New kid on the block, Ruby, is hoping you’ll do just that with their new Bluetooth chip and iPhone app that lets you hail an Uber with three heel clicks. Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Ruby is a micro-controller that clips into your shoe, using its onboard accelerometer to wirelessly connect to your iPhone when the desired action is performed. Note: Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow not included.

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