An interactive visualisation of movie colour

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Take a ride down the Vegas strip you’ll never forget

Fans who attended Mountain Dew’s Dew Tour in Brooklyn were given the chance to virtually become part of the illustrious Dew Skate Team. Through the use of the new Oculus Rift DK2 developer headset, this live-action 3D, 360°, binaural audio-branded experience is one of the first of its kind developed. Users were able to feel as though they were riding alongside legendary pros through some of the most iconic skate spots in Las Vegas. Afterwards, participants walked away with a split-screen video of their experience, which they could share on social media.

Check out behind-the-scenes of all the VR action:

Viral Video of the Week

Painfully beautiful

If you ever thought of getting a tattoo, you may just reconsider after watching this. Part of the YouTube series Smarter Every Day, this simplistic slow motion video, which shows the science behind inking, has exploded across the internet with over 13 million views in just a week.

tv ratings

AFL final tops the year

National – Free to Air Station Audience
AFL Grand Final: Sydney V Hawthorn Ch 7 2,813,000
AFL Grand Final: Presentations Ch 7 2,557,000
AFL Grand Final: On The Ground Ch 7 2,174,000
AFL Grand Final: Post Match Ch 7 1,835,000
AFL Grand Final: Pre Match Ch 7 1,698,000
The Block Glasshouse – Sun Ch 9 1,546,000
Seven News – Sat Ch 7 1,380,000
The Block Glasshouse – Mon Ch 9 1,333,000
The Block Glasshouse -Tue Ch 9 1,283,000
Rugby League Final Series Pf1 – Fri Ch 9 1,195,000
Source: OzTam 23/09/14 – 29/10/14


A little too close to home(land)

The trailer for the latest season of Homeland is the first commercial mobile ad campaign to incorporate haptic technology, which pairs touch sensations (vibrations, rumbling, resistance) with gadgets. When viewed on compatible devices, fans of the show feel 60 vibrations that occur during the trailer’s most intense moments and, at one point, experience the simulation of a bomb exploding in their hands. Watch Homeland’s sensory ad on compatible devices through the Showtime Anytime Android App. Otherwise, just watch the trailer in all it’s glory below.

App of the week

If you’re going to send one word, it might as well be beer

Forget Yo, there’s a new one-word messaging app in town. Beer?!, dubbed as “a straightforward messaging app to invite friends for a beer.” Quite literally, all you do is tap a name in the app’s contact list and it sends them a message with, you guessed it, “Beer?!”. Think it sounds a bit silly? You’re not alone, but the app now has more than 10,000 users who send an average of 20 “Beer?!” messages a day!

Personal deliveries just got personal

Courier delivery service, TNT Worldwide, has launched a new tagline and ad campaign as part of its corporate-wide restructure. The tagline – “The People Network” – was put to good use in the TV spot, with TNT employees forming a human truck before dismantling to deliver the packages. The ad was created using real humans integrated with CGI-generated figures in the same shot.

Website of the week

An interactive visualisation of movie colour

The Colors of Motion is an interactive experiment that looks at the use of colours in movies, displaying them in an unusually beautiful way. Using bash scripts, the average colour is analysed frame by frame and then presented on the website chronologically. You can explore how colour changes during the course of a film by scrolling down and can even click on a colour to discover the corresponding frame.

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