Would you like fries with that free burger?

What Next?

Who knew crossing the road could be so fun?

Waiting to cross at the traffic lights can be a mundane task for pedestrians. That is, unless the iconic little red man starts to boogie. This installment in Lisbon, Portugal allowed members of the public to choose some music, get their groove on and then view the public’s reaction as their moves were simulated on the traffic light. The dancing traffic light man was part of an ongoing campaign designed to encourage people to think outside the box.

Viral Video of the Week

Emma Watson’s spellbinding speech

As you’ve probably already heard, Emma Watson gave an incredible speech to the United Nations over the weekend to launch the new HeForShe campaign – a solidarity movement for global gender equality. Yesterday, footage of the entire speech made its way online and is, to say the least, vital viewing.

TV Ratings

Blockoholics aren’t going anywhere

National – Free to Air Station Audience
The Block Glasshouse – Sun Ch 9 1,660,000
The Block Glasshouse – Tue Ch 9 1,368,000
The Block Glasshouse – Mon Ch 9 1,327,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,225,000
Seven News – Sat Ch 7 1,213,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,209,000
60 Minutes – Sun Ch 9 1,190,000
The Block Glasshouse -Thu Ch 9 1,187,000
The Block Glasshouse -Wed Ch 9 1,171,000
The X Factor Live Performance – Sun Ch 7 1,136,000
Source: OzTam 09/09/14 – 15/09/14

Fast track your basketball career straight to the NBA

In an age where customisation is key in winning the hearts of consumers, the upcoming video game NBA 2K15 is officially King. By utilising face scanning technology, players can scan their face and customise their MyPlayer to create a true 3D representation of themselves. The feature is sure to be a hit with gamers and to promote it, ‘The Beard Guru’ is here to ensure all your facial features are in optimal condition.

App of the week

Think iOS 8 is a bit of a dud? Think again!

While chatter continues that Apple’s latest iOS update is somewhat lacklustre, it is actually one of the more prolific updates to date. With the tech giant allowing third parties more access to the operating system, truly customising your device is possible. Here are the top apps that make the best use of iOS 8:

1. The “holy grail” of password managers, 1Password, now has an extension that allows users to fill in login credentials directly from Safari as well as some third-party apps.

2. Evernote now has an extension that can be enabled in Safari for saving photos, documents and web pages as notes and a widget to create notes from within the notification centre.

3. Pocket now has a Safari extension so iOS users no longer have to rely on the cumbersome bookmarklet to send articles to their accounts.

Would you like fries with that free burger?

McDonald’s has decided to exchange burgers for empty cans in an effort to encourage young people to recycle. To participate, customers are to collect garbage bags from interactive billboards and start collecting. This clever idea to promote recycling is a ‘win win’ for all; hungry teens can earn food whilst the recyclable materials are being properly dealt with.

Website of the week

Oh my, no likes yet?

Would you like to relive that moment of self-conciousness when your latest selfie got no likes on Instagram? Well, now you can. No Likes Yet, allows you to view your and your friends’ posts that couldn’t manage an all-important like. Use it how you will, maybe these photos will give you some pointers of what not to post or, if you’re feeling generous, encourage you to throw a pity-like your friends’ way.

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