McDonald’s has our attention

It’s the age old question: How do you keep TV viewers engaged during ad breaks? McDonald’s might just have the answer with their interactive slot machine, Fruit Match. The ingenious ads are synced precisely with the TV schedule, giving the impression the phone was connected in real-time. At the end of the break, viewers have the chance to win a free smoothie – and that’s all that really matters.


Introducing… The Amazing Spider-Dog?

Spider-Dog, Spider-Dog, does whatever a Spider-Dog can (to scare the living daylight out of innocent bystanders). Responsible for this hilarious prank is Chica the Dog and Sylwester Wardega, whose imaginative short has gained over 61 million views in under a week!

TV Ratings

Renovations and news dominate the ratings

National – Free to Air Station Audience
The Block Glasshouse -Sun Ch 9 1,622,000
The Block Glasshouse -Mon Ch 9 1,556,000
Seven News -Sun Ch 7 1,351,000
Nine News -Sun Ch 9 1,322,000
A Current Affair -Mon Ch 9 1,237,000
60 Minutes -Sun Ch 9 1,214,000
The Block Glasshouse -Tues Ch 9 1,212,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,210,000
Nine News -Mon Ch 9 1,206,000
Nine News -Tues Ch 9 1,191,000
Source: OzTam 02/09/14 – 08/09/14


High five your way to Amsterdam

High five (n.); a gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other’s palms with their arms raised. For one day only, Dutch Airline KLM placed two interactive screens with HD video feed and audio, 5,800kms apart in New York City and Amsterdam. If passers-by achieve the “perfect” high five with their counterpart across the Atlantic, they both win KLM tickets to the other city.


Selfie-fy your sneakers

Take your selfie game to a whole new level with Adidas’ latest sneaker customisation feature. The app allows you to place a photo, whether it be a selfie or scenic snap, on to a pair of Adidas ZX FLUX sneakers. Each shoe can be saved and shared via social media and is available to purchase from select markets.

Here comes the sun

Corona Extra has found a way to spare Canadians the pain of a shady patio with its Sun Beam project. Rather than watch summer lovers endure a lack of rays, Corona brought the sun directly to them with the help of a giant reflector screen. Oh, and a few buckets of free beer. Everybody loves free beer.


Hashtag my ass

Etienne de Crécy has cracked the secret of hashtagging with the new website Simply connect your Instagram account to the site and see your very own version of his new booty shaking single. BCM’s own Instagram account came out surprisingly well in the array of vinyl sleeves. Check out our video below:

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