Think you can return a serve from a pro-volleyball player?

Global sports brand ASICS have become known for their interactive installations that engage fans in fun and exciting ways, like with last years Treadmill Challenge. Now, comes The Kerri Cannon – a remote-control spiking machine built to replicate the power and accuracy of top beach volleyballer Kerri Walsh Jennings. Participants can see how they stack up against one of the greatest beach volleyball players of all-time, mostly with little success. The Kerri Cannon has been in full effect at the ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball tournament, check it out:

Video of the week

Microsoft gets revenge, sort of

Remember when Apple trolled Microsoft in their Get a Mac campaign? Over 8 years on, Microsoft finally have one up on the tech giant. Cortana, Windows Mobile’s intelligent personal assistant, has been universally praised by critics for being superior to Apple’s Siri. In a similar fashion to the Get a Mac ads, this video compares the features. The ad itself has only been up for two days and already has over 750,000 views. A win for Windows Mobile, sure – but brace yourself, iPhone 6 is coming.

TV Ratings

Have Network Ten got their mojo back?

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Masterchef Australia – Winner Announced Channel 10  1,703,000
 Masterchef Australia – Finale Night Channel 10  1,654,000
 The Block:Glasshouse – Launch Channel 9  1,374,000
 Nine News – Sun Channel 9  1,289,000
 Masterchef Australia – Sun Channel 10  1,261,000
 Nine News – Tues Channel 9  1,206,000
 6:30 Nine News – Tues Channel 9  1,189,000
 6:30 Nine News – Mon Channel 9  1,181,000
 The X Factor – Tues Channel 7  1,166,000
 Seven News – Sun Channel 7  1,159,000

Source: OzTAM 03/12/09 – 09/12/09

This could be the answer to all your sleeping problems

Sense – a glowing sphere that watches over you while you sleep. Sounds a little creepy, but it actually tracks and analyses your bedroom and sleep patterns for an optimal night under the covers. While sleep trackers are nothing new, what sets Sense apart is the sheer depth of what the device can do with little user invasion. The device includes motion, light, temperature, humidity, noise and air quality sensors in order to understand your environment. The makers Kickstarter campaign has already raised over a million, with 20 days still to go.

Website of the week

Ever wonder what the world’s handwriting would look like?

Finally, a typeface that matches the average of the world’s handwriting. BIC have launched a website that lets anyone, from anywhere in the world, draw the letters of the alphabet and submit them into a massive database. From there, the average letter shape is created – and alas the Universal Typeface is born. With 1,469,545 unique characters contributed by more than 126 different countries, the typceface is also available in variations such as gender, age, country and industry. Submit your handwriting here.

You’ll never guess what made an appearance at this years Comic-Con

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans rejoice, the pizza thrower is back – just in time for the new film’s August 8th release. In partnership with Paramount Pictures, Pizza Hut have recreated the fan favourite as an interactive installation at Comic-Con. Attendees, who probably owned the toy version, ate it up. Well, metaphorically ate it up. While the pizzas launched were fake, Pizza Hut did use the opportunity to promote their new TMNT inspired Cheesy Bites.

App of the week

Do you need more Emoji’s in your life?

A couple of years ago, we didn’t even know what emoji’s were. Fast forward to today, Beyoncé is making music videos out of them and we’re just left wanting more! Well, thanks to Imoji, we’ve got it.
This app allows you turn any image, from the web or your own photo library, into a full blown textable emoji.

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