Didn’t you know Buckingham Palace was in Westeros?

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When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?

Dove recently invaded an awards night and in doing so, made people smile a little as well. “When You’re Smiling” is an interactive project where participants stood  in front of a mirror to have their photo taken. The trick? You have to smile BIG in order to get the snap. Dove have displayed a sincere approach to the concept of beauty in the past and this latest project continues in that trend, reminding participants that beauty is simply a reflection of themselves.

Video of the week

Didn’t you know Buckingham Palace was in Westeros?

The changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace is often a non-eventful spectacle once the change is complete, but last week guests were treated to an extended performance of the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme. The guards have been known to perform other popular themes, including ‘James Bond’, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’.

It’s unconfirmed whether or not the Queen was in the palace at the time, but we’d like to imagine she was sitting on the Iron Throne as it played in the background.

TV Ratings

How popular was The Voice grand final?

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
The Voice Grand Final – Sun  Channel 9  1,663,000
The Voice Grand Final: Winner Announced  Channel 9  1,578,000
60 Minutes – Sun  Channel 9  1,411,000
Nine News – Sun  Channel 9  1,350,000
Seven News – Sun  Channel 7  1,315,000
Nine News – Mon  Channel 9  1,287,000
The X Factor – Sun  Channel 7  1,274,000
Nine News – Tues  Channel 9  1,250,000
Nine News – Wed  Channel 9  1,250,000
The X Factor – Tues  Channel 7  1,245,000
Source: OzTam 15/07/14 – 21/07/14


Do you want to get fit while you sit?

When most of the adult population spends a portion of their day sitting at a desk, the Cubii elliptical machine helps put the active into an otherwise inactive routine. The ergonomic trainer fits right under a desk and facilitates continuous leg movements throughout the day, helping not only the body, but also the mind through increased productivity. With its low cost, sleek design and Bluetooth integration, the Cubii is reinventing the way we approach sitting. Perhaps it might even transform the modern day workplace?

Website of the week

A breath of fresh Air

Having been in operation since 2008 and with over 600,000 listings in 190 countries, Airbnb decided it was time for a design overhaul, introducing a new logo and website this past week.

The once clunky and outdated website is now more stylish and user-friendly. The homepage features links to the story of the brand’s new symbol – the Bélo (symbol of belonging) – and a clever square grid pattern that directs users to different locations around the world.

Check out the Bélo video below:

What do 1,680 LED lights and Lexus have in common?

When art and technology combine, it’s often a thing of beauty. To showcase their imagination and creativity, Lexus have produced a series of online videos called ‘Amazing in Motion’. Shot entirely in-camera (not CGI) with stunt men and acrobatic performers laced with 1,680 LED lights, comes the latest edition to the series, Strobe.

The LED suits were conceived by taking design cues from Lexus vehicles, including the iconic spindle grille and LED headlights. To wirelessly trigger the suits to strobe on demand, a purpose built computer system and DMX software was created.

App of the week

PhoDOGraphy. It’s a thing.

There’s nothing worse than pulling out your phone to take that perfect photo only for little Milo to run off in search of his bone, but thanks to BarkCam that struggle is no more. This great photo app allows you to take that perfect pic with the help of some dog-related sounds. When you hit the camera button, the sound (squeaky toy, doorbell, etc.) plays and the dog’s attention turns to the camera. The app even comes with filters, speech bubbles and stickers!

What a good app! Now stay…

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