Your Facebook friends are still annoying during the apocalypse

What Next?

Can your Facebook account predict your favourite chocolate?

Thanks to Cadbury’s Joy Generator, you can now find out.

Using your Facebook data, the chocolate vending machine generates your most compatible flavour of Cadbury chocolate – based on your interests across a range of categories such as brands, charities, TV-shows and music. The personalised flavour match is then automatically dispensed (for free), where you can take a snap in a social media enabled picture booth.
Check out the fun social vending machine below, but prepare yourself for chocolate cravings.

Video of the week

After a fifteen year old hatchback with the ability to play cassettes?

Look no further, there’s a 1999 Holden Barina for sale – and thanks to this YouTube advert by Aussie David Johns, it actually looks worth an inspection. With high production value and sarcasm to boot, it just goes to show in this day and age of buying and selling, you really do have to stand out above the crowd to get noticed.

TV Ratings


All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
State of Origin Round 3: NSW vs QLD – Wed Channel 9  2,049,000
 State of Origin Round 3: Prematch – Wed Channel 9  1,378,000
 Seven News – Sun Channel 7  1,364,000
 Nine News – Mon Channel 9  1,326,000
 Nine News – Wed Channel 9  1,286,000
 Seven News – Wed Channel 7  1,253,000
 The Voice – Mon Channel 7  1,247,000
 A Current Affair – Mon Channel 9  1,237,000
 State of Origin Round 3: Post Match – Wed Channel 9  1,236,000
 Nine News – Mon Channel 9  1,229,000

Source: OzTAM 08/07/14 – 14/07/14

How is Domino’s planning to share its profits with customers?

Are you a budding MasterChef when it comes to the fine craft of pizza fabrication? Well, it might be an idea to get involved with Pizza Mogul. It’s Domino’s latest campaign that lets every day pizza lovers submit their own creations and earn cash for doing it. Users can make between $25c and $4.50 per pizza sold, not bad crust for crust.

Website of the week

Your Facebook friends are still annoying during the apocalypse

Upcoming Australian film These Final Hours is teasing audiences with a campaign that puts you in the middle of an apocalypse. Just grant the site permission to access your Facebook data and a personalised interactive desktop display will appear. Here, a series of personalised feeds from your family, friends and various news sources are generated – a glimpse to what your social media feeds would look like if the apocalypse was imminent. Check out the trailer here:

Outside with a dead phone? No problem!

There’s no greater #firstworldproblem than being stuck in the city with a dead phone and nowhere to charge it. Thanks to smart urban furniture company Soofa, Boston smartphone users can now charge their phones at any solar powered Soofa bench in the area. Co-founder Sandra Richter said, “There isn’t too much knowledge or perception around renewable energy because people are removed from it. We wanted to change the way people see its immediate benefits by putting something out into public spaces.”

App of the week

Is this the Windex of instant messaging?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you wish you could take back what you said? Well now you can with Wiper. Similar in concept to Snapchat, Wiper is a free private messaging service that allows you to erase any message sent through the app. And it won’t only erase from your phone, but also your friend’s phone and the servers. It’d be as if the message never existed. Now if only one of these existed in real life.

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