Audi powered giant scoreboard

For the World Cup, Audi has created a giant scoreboard that will display the results of matches using the headlights of 28 Audi A8 cars.

Stacked together within 45 shipping containers the installation is visible from not only miles away, but also from airplanes. Located on the shores of Brooklyn, the 40 feet tall offering provides a spectacular view to Manhattan residents across the river, and will be live through July 14th.

“Audi is proud to bring the passion of international soccer to the shores of Manhattan with a fun, eye-catching LED installation” said Audi’s Director of Marketing, Loren Angelo. “Audi will continue to bring fans exciting activations that enhance their soccer experience.”

Check it out in action!

Video of the week

1 song, 29 impressions

If there’s one thing the internet isn’t short of, it’s videos of celebrity impressions. And this one takes the cake.

In just over three and a half minutes, Rob Cantor manages to flawlessly mimic the vocals of 29 notable favourites in his original composition, “Perfect”. Amongst the list of those parodied are Kermit the Frog, Peter Griffin, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Steve Buscemi, Jon Lovitz, Cher and Christina Aguilera. He even pulls off the majestic mannerisms of Sir Ian McKellan and Christopher Walken!

While some of the impressions had us doubting the authenticity of his vocal stylings (was that really him doing Gwen Stefani?), you can’t deny that this man has talent.

TV Ratings

My House. My Rules.

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
House Rules – Winner Announced – Sun Channel 7 2,008,000
House Rules – Grand Final – Sun Channel 7 1,731,000
House Rules – Wed Channel 7 1,518,000
House Rules – Tue Channel 7 1,514,000
The Voice – Mon Channel 9 1,324,000
Seven News – Sun Channel 7 1,324,000
Nine News – Thurs Channel 9 1,272,000
Nine News – Mon Channel 9 1,270,000
Nine News – Sun Channel 9 1,258,000
The Voice Kids – Sun Channel 9 1,254,000
Source: OzTAM 01/07/14 – 07/07/14


In the digital era that we live in, where mobile comes first and NOW isn’t fast enough, Mayonnaise brand Hellmann‘s South American arm have come up with a novel idea to engage their customer base.

They’re currently running a campaign in Brazil, entitled WhatsCook, that helps anyone get instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs by using the popular WhatsApp messaging service. Users just have to submit their number via WhatsCook’s website and a specialized cooking team gets in touch with them to find out when they need help with. After setting a schedule they can then chat via WhatsApp and start cooking. Aside from chatting, the recipe service also takes advantage of WhatsApp’s video and photo functionality to help the user cook whatever they desire. The only catch? Every recipe will include mayonnaise.

This is a fantastic demonstration of how brands can penetrate the market by offering a service through chat, placing themselves directly in the hands (smartphones) of their customers.

Website of the week

Smarty Pins

Here’s a puzzler for you:

What British city hosts art and book festivals, as well as the Military Tattoo and Mela, all in the month of August?

Don’t know the answer?  Well, you could always Google it –  which is kind of the point really – as Google launch their online quiz game, incorporated into Google Maps, called Smarty Pins.  The aim of the game is to drop a location pin to the corresponding location on the map that matches the question.   You start with a limited amount of Kilometres, which decrease with every question (like the one above) based on how far you dropped your pin from the correct location on the map.

There are multiple quiz categories to choose from, including, Featured Topics, Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games and more.  It’s surprisingly fun and definitely educational.

This is a fantastic website to keep the kids entertained during this school holiday period.

Visit to play.


McDonald’s is using its much beloved French fries in a fun way to celebrate the World Cup. Dubbed FryFutbol, the series re-enacts the most memorable World Cup moments.

Whether it be Brazil’s close win over Colombia or Tim Cahill’s classic goal against Netherlands, every match is a deep fried celebration.

The videos are made overnight with visual effects experts Framestore and are part of McDonald’s larger GOL campaign. Check out the recap of the Australia vs. Netherlands game below, showcasing Tim Cahill’s spectacular volley.

App of the week

Train Yarn

Have you ever been on a train and spotted someone you’ve wanted to talk to but didn’t have the courage to do so? Well, now there’s an app for that.

Train Yarn, which is still in the early stages of development, is a free mobile application designed to take away the awkwardness of starting a conversation with a complete stranger. In an age where everyone’s connected but not really connecting, QUT’s Tiago Camacho aims to bridge that gap by giving commuters on Brisbane’s train network the opportunity to communicate anonymously with other commuters in real time.

The app is still in its testing phase, but they’re looking for Brisbanites to test it. Download it today from the app store and try it out next time you hop on the train.

Who knows? You might even meet someone really interesting.

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