Play Pong with your mind

Introducing Mind Pong, an interactive game by UK organisation The Brain Tumour Charity – played on a billboard with your mind. Yep, that’s right, throw away those annoying joysticks, all you need is your juicy brain.

Based on the popular arcade game Pong, hands-free headsets are used to control the players paddle thanks to electroencephalography (EEG) technology. Concentrate hard and the paddle moves up, relax and the paddle moves down, all displayed on an interactive digital billboard.

The installation was displayed at the busy Westfield London shopping centre for one day, with players donating to raise funds for the organisation. Check out this Vine of #MindPong in action.

Video of the week


After watching Always’ latest ad #LikeAGirl, you’ll never use the phrase “like a girl” in a negative way again. Just ask the other 13+ million viewers.

In the video, a cast of men and women of all ages are asked to describe what they think the phrase means. The result: flailing hands, hair flipping and big, silly grins. But then come the actual girls, they’re younger and packed full of innocence and determination. To them, running like a girl means running as fast as you can – just as it should.

TV Ratings

New kids on the block

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 The Voice Kids – Sun  Channel 9  1,658,000
 House Rules – Tues  Channel 7  1,630,000
 60 Minutes – Sun  Channel 9  1,536,000
 House Rules – Mon  Channel 7  1,491,000
 Seven News – Sun  Channel 7  1,392,000
 House Rules – Wed  Channel 7  1,374,000
 Nine News – Mon  Channel 9  1,342,000
 Nine News – Tues  Channel 9  1,326,000
 Seven News – Tues  Channel 7  1,295,000
 Seven News – Mon  Channel 7  1,281,000
Source: OzTAM 24/06/14 – 30/06/14

Ikea’s new website brought to you by Instagram

Seeing no need for a conventional website to promote their latest PS collection, IKEA Russia have instead decided to solely use Instagram. Using the platforms tagging system, anyone who visits @ikea_ps_2014on the Instagram app will see the familiar grid of images set up like an Ikea catalogue.

The account acts as an interactive catalogue, divided into Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles, and Ideas. Clicking through to view any of these images brings up a variety of tags that link to designated pages all about that particular product, all similarly arranged to resemble catalogue pages.

It’s clever and fun and makes clear that platforms like Instagram are front runners in continuosly developing new forms of interactive content. Instagram may be better known for #foodporn and #selfies, but campaigns like this prove that the surface of what can be done has only been scratched.

Website of the week

The Capitol

With the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay: Part 1, set for release later this year, Lionsgate films have officially unleashed their propaganda machine on the world.

A teaser video was released late last week, featuring the series’ fictional President delivering an ominous speech; which also serves to direct fans to the ‘Government’ website,

The website is beautifully designed and is teaming with enough Hunger Games content to keep even a casual fan entertained for much longer than your average movie website.  Of particular note are the absolutely gorgeous posters, designed to highlight the ‘Heroes‘ of each of the 12 districts.

This film is already at the top of many “most anticipated” movie lists for 2014 and the publicity we’ve seen so far can only send it higher.

See the latest teaser below, and visit the website here.

Donate something old, when you buy something new

It’s the unique yet simple concept by Swedish fashion label, Uniforms for the Dedicated, that use reversible postage-paid bags to promote the re-use of clothing rather than waste.

Dubbed the Rag Bag, it’s a biodegradable, pre-addressed and postage-paid shopping bag turned postage parcel that makes it effortless to donate those unwanted clothes. Breaking down the various barriers consumers encounter before making a donation, simply turn the shopping bag inside-out post purchase and give back to those in need.

The creators of the innovative shopping bag said, “the product is not complex, but it solves a complex problem. The challenge for us was to deliver the message of the two-sided, dual-function bag in a way that brands and consumers understood.”

App of the week

How’s your social networking going? Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of things to say? Are you tired of all these… words… that you keep having to read, all day, every day?

Well, get excited about Emojli, the “so-new-it’s-not-even-out-yet” social network that only allows you to communicate via Emoji icons.  Yes, it’s really happening.

Don’t miss out on your unique Emoji username and make sure you register in advance now at  This app launches on iOS soon, with other platforms to follow later.

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