Sri Lanka’s mosquito repellent newspaper

One of Sri Lanka’s most popular newspapers have taken a page (literally) out of Australia’s mosquito-swatting-with-the-paper ways. The publication, Mawbima, took it one step further, creating a periodical made from mosquito-repellent paper. The spread of Dengue fever has affected more than 13,000 Sri Lankans in the last 6 months alone, and the campaign providing locals with protection from the disease-carrying insects has proved a success. As part of a creative attempt to tackle the epidemic, the initial print campaign provided “shelter” at bus stops around the country. Based on the success, Mawbima decided to print an entire copy of its morning and evening newspapers using ink mixed with citronella on World Health Day.

Website of the week

World Cup football translator

The FIFA World Cup doesn’t come along every day!  In fact, for a lot of us, it’s the once-every-four-years opportunity to go mad about soccer (sorry… football).

If you’re used to a different type of ‘football’, then you may be finding it all a little much to absorb.  Thankfully, Google have created a Chrome extension that will help clear up any confusion for you, entitled the “Football to Football translator”. Mainly geared towards Americans, this extension translates any talk of ‘sissy’ soccer into terms that relate directly to “red-blooded NFL terminology”. It’s a lot of fun, no matter what sport you’re involved in.

Alerting the deaf in emergency situations

To combat the issue of the deaf and hearing impaired community not hearing alert sounds warning them of danger, Grey Group Singapore have created a smartphone extension that sends push notifications when warning sounds are detected. Almost like the Shazam of warning sirens, the Hearing Aide app notifies the user by vibrating and sending a 20-second notification to the user. But only after it detects an alert sound from the nearby surroundings or detecting an impending danger to the owner of the phone that requires immediate attention. It will also come in handy for plenty of other situations, for example if a deaf person is alone with a baby and can’t hear it’s cry.

App of the week

The graffiti cleaning app

Romania has a little bit of a problem with offensive street graffiti and Cif is the largest selling abrasive cleaning product in the world.  As evidenced by their great new campaign, Cif & Romania’s graffiti issues seem like they were made for each other! Cif’s new app allows you to take photos of graffiti on any street, which is then automatically geo-tagged and sent to an active street cleaning team that respond with Cif’s cleaning power.  Not only has this campaign helped strengthen Cif’s brand message, it’s also given back to a community that have been genuinely upset by the hurtful and racist graffiti that has become rampant around their homes. Great job Cif!

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Video of the week

Real or fake?

After his mate screams “shark”, YouTuber Terry Tufferson ducks under water to capture what appears to be sensational footage of a majestic Great White – and the attention of 19 million people to boot. But the video has largely been derided on YouTube by those commenting as a hoax. Fake or real, what do you think? Either way, it’s a win for GoPro – adding to their already huge pool of viral user-generated content.

TV Ratings

World cup fever

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 FIFA World Cup Live: Chile vs. Aus SBS  1,741,000
 House Rules: Reveal – Mon Network 7  1,572,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,560,000
 The Voice – Sun Network 9  1,548,000
 House Rules – Wed Network 7  1,527,000
 Nine News – Sun Network 9  1,434,000
 House Rules – Sun Network 7  1,407,000
 House Rules – Tues Network 7  1,405,000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,373,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Network 9  1,308,000
Source: OzTAM 10/06/14 – 16/06/14