Up-Cycle with Coke

Coca-Cola’s new 2nd Lives campaign features a line of 16 unique bottle caps that can be attached to its bottles after they’ve been used. The company imagines what it would be like if their empty bottles weren’t just thrown away with the aim of encouraging people to reuse and recycle more plastic. The innovative caps they’ve created transform the boring empty bottles into fun and useful objects, with particular applications for 3rd world environments. A paintbrush, pencil sharpener, bubble-blower, water pistol, lotion or shampoo dispenser, children’s toy, squirter for watering plants, night light, and ketchup or sauce dispenser, amongst others have been introduced in the launch of the campaign. Kicking off in Vietnam, 2nd Lives will spread to other locations including Thailand and Indonesia, with the expectation to be expanded further than Asia.

Video of the week

The game before the game

With the whole world catching World Cup fever, Beats by Dre have released this inspirational short film focusing on the pre-game of elite athletes from across the globe.

The video is obviously touching a nerve with sport (and music) fans, with nearly 7.5 million views in under a week.

TV Ratings


All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 House Rules: Reveal – Mon Network 7  1,793,000
 Seven News – Mon Network 7  1,510,000
 House Rules – Tue Network 7  1.446.000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,425,000
 House Rules – Wed Network 7  1,377,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9  1,367,000
 The Voice – Sun Network 9  1,360,000
 Seven News/Today Tonight – Mon Network 7  1,353,000
 Nine News 6:30- Mon Network 9  1,298,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,292,000
Source: OzTAM 03/06/14 – 09/06/14


Did you make it along to Vivid Sydney this year?  Toyota helped provide an interesting twist to the festival with an interactive installation that explores the relationship people can have with their cars. Using mapping technology, three Toyota Prius cars were turned into sentient beings which respond emotionally to human interaction. Colourful images, including close-ups of eyes and mouths, were projected on the windscreens and windows of cars, enabling the cars to interact with passers-by.   Each car featured its own personality and connected with people through internal projection mapping, lighting, sound and animation. One car even asks: “What’s your #?”.  Cheeky thing. It’s interesting to see mapping technology applied from the inside out, rather than onto an object, and the installation was a hit with festival goers.

Website of the week


Our favorite website this week comes direct from USA today and it could very well provide you with that mid-week confidence boost that we just know you’ve been searching the internet for all day.  Look no further, for we present to you:  THE KANYE WEST SELF-CONFIDENCE GENERATOR!

Enjoy yourself and remember… If Kanye believes in himself this much, then surely you can believe in Kanye too. #Yeezus

A necklace to get you out of awkward situations

The Guardian Angel necklace is an unassuming personal safety device.

At first glance, it’s just a typical piece of jewelry, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice it features a button that when pressed will trigger a fake call to your mobile phone.  Created as a way to educate young women about date rape, the silver Guardian Angel necklace connects via bluetooth to your smartphone. If you ever find yourself in trouble, or an awkward situation you’re having trouble escaping, just press the hidden button and the necklace will dial your smartphone.

For women coming across unwanted attention, this call can provide the perfect excuse to deflect a potential threat without provoking anger.

The necklace also sends an alert to pre-selected family and friends, along with a GPS location.


App of the week


Hot Sauce is an app you’ll want to keep handy if you dine out often and love to make sure you taste the best dishes a restaurant has to offer.

It uses an intelligent algorithm to identify the most popular items on a restaurant’s menu.  By analyzing millions of reviews for thousands of restaurants, Hot Sauce is able to present you with truly accurate ratings for what’s great on a menu – and what you should potentially avoid.   The app also allows you to see what each dish looks like, information on each dish (in case you’ve forgotten what Pasta Tagliatelle looks like) and will soon provide insight into dishes you can order based on any specific food allergies or dietary requirements you may have.

This fantastic app is free to download and can be found right HERE.


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