The Hipster Hijacking

Question: How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer:  The lightbulb was, like, way cooler before it changed, man.

How HIP are you?  Do you have a beautifully lush, carefully shampooed lumberjack beard, accompanied by a neat short back and sides haircut?  Do you ride a fixed gear bicycle? How many pairs of chinos do you own right now? Are those glasses you’re wearing prescription… do they even have lenses??? Do you own a banjo?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions, this could be the commercial for you.

Brand new South African craft beer company, Garagista, poke fun at the current image that all hipsters are obsessed with craft beer in this brilliant new commercial.  Not only is the video great, it’s also a call to action for the coinciding social campaign, calling all fans to “upload pictures of hipsters you suspect could be linked to the hijacking with the hashtag #Garagistasuspect.”


Video of the week

Stay hydrated with Vittel

Are you guilty of not drinking enough water? Never again!

Vittel water have just released their new self timing bottle cap, which reminds you to take a drink every hour, on the hour.  Looks like it might catch on, with over 110,000 views in just under a week.

TV Ratings

Round 1 goes to NSW!

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 State of Origin Round 1: NSW vs QLD – Wed Network 9  2,506,000
 The Voice – Sun Network 9  1,879,000
 State of Origin Round 1: Prematch – Wed Network 9  1,679,000
 House Rules: Reveal – Mon Network 7  1,652,000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,575,000
 Nine News – Sun Network 9  1,385,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,344,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9  1,340,000
 House Rules – Tue Network 7  1,312,000
 House Rules – Sun Network 7  1,301,000
Source: OzTAM 27/05/14 – 02/06/14


1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the time they turn 85 and the most important factor in beating this deadly disease, is early detection. The Cancer Council want women everywhere to know how absolutely vital it is to check their breasts regularly and to participate in breast screening.

Following the 2013 death of Aussie rock icon, Chrissie Amphlett, and inspired by her music, the Cancer Council launched a campaign centering around the Divinyls’ song “I Touch Myself”, performed by various Australian female artists.  Some big names got involved, including Olivia Newton-John, Deborah Conway, Kate Cebrano, Sarah Blasko, Megan Washington, Katie Noonan and more.  All women appear naked in the video for this beautifully re-imagined song, all helping to carry this vital message using their own unique voices, one at a time.

With a $0 media budget, this campaign used the hashtags #Itouchmyself and #ITouchMySelfies to spread the message virally – quickly trending across the nation.

The website for this project, is just beautiful in it’s simplicity and compelling through the strength of it’s message.

From the feature music single/video, to the website, to the social media presence, the #ITouchMyself project is a stunning campaign, find out more with this special & insightful case study:

Website of the week

Braastad make one of the world’s finest cognacs and they’ve recently upgraded to a website that represents their brand perfectly.

The site is elegant, stylish and incredibly intuitive and user friendly.  It takes you through the care that is taken during every step of the process, from blending to distillation, ingredient selection to correctly ageing their fine liquor.

Take a look for yourself at


Apple iOS8

In probably the biggest announcement in tech this week, Apple have revealed the secrets of their new operating system, iOS8, at yesterday’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Some of the new features of iOS8 include:

Interactive Notifications; allowing you to respond to a notification via the top of your phone screen, without actually launching the app from where the notification originated.

Group Messaging; there are some updates here too, which mimic features that have been available on WhatsApp and Viber for some time, including the ability to name your conversation thread, ADD or REMOVE people from the chat and the ability to remove yourself from a thread if you wish.

HealthKit / Health;  this sees the launch of Apple’s first health and well-being software, which allows you to track and monitor your vital statistics and other progress related to your overall wellness

For 6 of the most important updates launched by Apple, check out this short video, thanks to mashable.

App of the week


The new Gol! app by McDonald’s uses augmented reality to transform boxes of fries into a pixelated pitch so you can pretend you’re playing in the World Cup.

In order to play the full game, you grab the app at and buy a box of limited edition FIFA World Cup McDonald Fries.  The regular red fries boxes have been replaced with new World Cup themed artwork to celebrate the upcoming tournament in Brazil. It’s a lot of fun and is just another excuse to cheat on that diet at the nearest golden arches to you.  Small Cheeseburger meal anyone?

Download now for iPhone & Android

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