The Pepsi skills challenge

You’d better start practicing for your Pepsi #FutbolNow skills challenge – it could land you a free drink or two! Pepsi are in full swing leading up to the World Cup in Brazil and have invited fans around the world to show off their football skills with the Pepsi interactive vending machine. Fans are challenged by the 2014 Pepsi all-star #FutbolNow squad — Robin van Persie, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Agüero, Jack Wilshere and four-time player of the year, Leo Messi — to move like the pros and show off their soccer style to be rewarded with a free can of Pepsi. With Coke also using a vending machine based campaign to capitalize on and celebrate sporting rivalries, one thing is for sure: interactive vending machines are set to become a much bigger deal in the months and years to come.

Video of the week

Drum off

Chad Smith is the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Will Ferrell is the hilarious comedian made famous for the likes of Saturday Night Live, Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy, StepBrothers and much much more. These 2 grown men look similar.  Which is obviously an understatement BECAUSE THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Early last year, Ferrell made a claim that for years he’d been secretly moonlighting as the drummer for the Chili Peppers, creating a public ‘Feud’ between the two.  Well, after months of taunting fans, the comedy actor and super drummer finally had their showdown on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, late last week.

It was all for a good cause though, with the drum-off raising over $300,000USD for Cancer for College – a charity that provides college scholarships to cancer patients. Contender for greatest talk show moment of 2014? (HINT: make sure you stick around for some surprise cameo appearances at the end)


The Braille ad

In a world where more and more people use their hands to read, we present to you: The Braille Ad

The Dorina Nowill foundation for the blind are in need of funding, so they’ve created a simple ad that can be featured in any digital magazine.  They simply feature Braille, that once swiped over transforms into regular english text, with the message “In the life of a blind person, reading with the hands is the easy part”. Once you’ve swiped the text and the secret message is revealed, you’re encouraged to donate to this important cause.  So what are you waiting for?!

Website of the week

Silicon feelings

Are you a fan of Emoji?

If you’re not, you probably just haven’t tried them out yet! Emoji is the supremely popular picture font available for smartphones that can reduce a full sentence down to sometimes 2 or 3 simple emoticons. Silicon Feelings is a work in progress website created by independent developer Bradley Griffith.  It pulls together all Emoji icons being sent via Twitter and displays them in real time, based on the GPS coordinates they were sent from. If nothing else, it’s a fantastic way to kill a few minutes – like staring at a fishtank filled with other people’s emotions.


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Gnome if you want to

Travelocity have absolutely nailed their Memorial Day campaign, with the help of a good old fashioned ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ story, a Twitter account and a Gnome with a love for getting about town (and in case you missed the reference in the title… you’re welcome). Travelocity kicked off this week-long social campaign in the lead up to the US Memorial Day weekend, to help promote some destinations & deals it had on offer. Fans were encouraged to interact with the Travelocity Gnome (@RoamingGnome) via Twitter and answer a series of destination-driven questions that will eventually present them with a tailored recommendation for an ideal Memorial Day getaway.This is a lot of fun and you really should give it a try yourself, so without any further ado, start your holiday adventure by clicking HERE.


TV Ratings

7 out of 10 for 7

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 The Voice – Sun Network 9  1,867,000
 The Voice – Tues Network 9  1,715,000
 House Rules – Reveal – Mon Network 7  1,658,000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,586,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,391,000
 Seven News – Tues Network 7  1,375,000
 Seven News – Wed Network 7  1,337,000
 Seven News – Mon Network 7  1,291,000
 House Rules – Wed Network 7  1,272,000
 House Rules – Sun Network 7  1,264,000
Source: OzTAM 20/05/14 – 26/05/14