Giant mouths, legs and chests invade Paris

Have you ever been serenaded in public by a giant human mouth? Well maybe you should head to Paris! Voyages travel agency have unleashed an eye catching campaign, encouraging travelers to get ‘closer to their passions’, featuring several billboards that consist of gigantic, 3D human body parts. These interactive billboards include a hairy chest (that when pressed activates a disco ball and some funky tunes), a giant mouth that sings opera (complete with wobbling tongue and tonsils), the tattooed back of a football player who is taking a shower in the middle of a very public street and Marilyn Monroe’s legs – appearing from underneath her classic white skirt as it drifts around in the breeze. The sheer size (and weirdness) of the billboards has certainly captured public attention. These billboards aren’t just good to look at either! They’re designed to suck you in with music and you’re encouraged to touch. Feel the soapy water running off the Rugby players back, the curly chest hair of the disco man, or the soft breezy fabric of Marilyn’s dress. That’s some good billboarding.

Video of the week

Conchita Wurst “Rise Like A Phoenix”

Time to put the ABBA boots back in the cupboard and the disco ball in the back shed; sadly Eurovision is over for another year. This year saw the fabulous Austrian, Conchita Wurst, take out the grand prize with her song “Rise Like A Phoenix”. There are several videos of the performance scattered across the internet, with the official Eurovision post receiving well over 5 million views in the past 3 days alone.

TV Ratings

8 out of 10 for 9

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 The Voice – Tues Network 9  1,900,000
 The Voice – Sun Network 9  1,894,000
 The Voice – Wed Network 9  1,852,000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,663,000
 60 Minutes – Sun Network 9  1,552,000
 House Rules – Reveal – Mon Network 7  1,292,000
 Nine News – Tues Network 9  1,270,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9  1,257,000
 Nine News – Wed Network 9  1,245,000
 Seven News – Mon Network 7  1,241,000
Source: OzTAM 06/05/14 – 12/05/14

Design an apartment live on Pinterest

Welcome to apartment CB2, right on Broadway. Last week saw the completion of the world’s first ever Pinterest curated apartment, located near Union Square in New York City. 5 influential pinners were selected to lead the charge, pinning key pieces of furniture for each of the 5 rooms.  The public then voted on these pins, with the items receiving the most votes being moved into the apartment. Every piece of the apartment was voted into existence via Pinterest and the results are stunning! Take a virtual tour on their website now and watch how it all came together over the course of 5 days at or watch the video for a full rundown of this innovative, Pinterest based experiment.

Website of the week

Ideas to steal

If you’ve ever worked in a creative environment then you’re probably well accustomed to rejection.  You’ll know that you can pour your heart and soul into an idea or project, but that doesn’t always mean it will be what your client is looking for, and no matter how many times it happens, it always stings a little when the final word is “no”. Do you wish you could just show someone all your hard work anyway? Now there is a website for you!

Kalle Everland and Timo Klaarenbeek have created and they invite all creatives to share their rejected work with a short blurb and some key visuals.  All of the ideas on the website are available for free, under the condition that credit is provided to the person that originally posted the idea.  It’s a great site, filled to the brim with inspiration. Grab a coffee, settle in and remember “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Robot mums?

Where childhood thrives, war does not. That’s the simple message being shared by charity organization, War Child Canada.  In their most recent campaign, launched just in time for Mother’s Day, they are using satire to try and fool people into thinking that they can perform “motherly” duties for children via a new robot technology. The campaign revolves around directing potential donors to a site called, which then claims it can allow you to control a live “Surrogaid” robot in a war-torn area with that will either:

– Prepare a casserole for a child

– Lull a child to sleep  – or-

– Hug a child

When you attempt to select one of these options you are provided with a simple message “You can’t donate motherhood. But you can donate money.” It’s a great idea, for a great cause, executed brilliantly.  Watch the commercial below:

App of the week


Mellow is a robotic sous chef, designed specifically for use by home cooks.  This amazing Sous-vide machine connects via the Mellow app to prepare restaurant quality meals that will be ready for you when you arrive home from work. They are currently available for pre-order for around 400USD.

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