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The social swipe

Misereor is a relief organization that has been battling against poverty and disadvantage for over half a century. One thing they’ve found in their decades of operation is that even the smallest donation can make a big difference. So, they’ve come up with a simple solution to generate more donations: The Social Swipe. The Social Swipe is a wonderful combination of current technologies; a complex card verification system and a digital poster. The result? The world’s first poster that accepts credit card payments. You simply swipe your card down the centre of the poster to make a simple, once off donation of 2 Euros. When a card is swiped, a secure process quickly authenticates your card before playing a short film on screen that represents the symbolic result of your donation. The posters have a longer lasting effect too; once donors receive their credit card statement they are provided with the option of making their donation a regular, ongoing payment.

Donations can help feed a family, help imprisoned children and a range of other self-help initiatives that benefit the third world.

Video of the week

Look up

Look Up is a spoken word film dedicated to our online generation.  It’s a lesson taught to us through a love story, explaining the dangers of living our lives increasingly through the realm of social media. This short film – written, performed and directed by Gary Turk – has had nearly 16 million views in the week since it was published and could be a timely reminder for all of us that sometimes, just sometimes, we need to unplug and spend some quality time with the ones we love.

TV Ratings

Reality rules

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 My Kitchen Rules – Winner Announced – Tues Network 7  2,591,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Grand Final – Tues Network 7  2,302,000
 The Voice – Launch – Sun Network 9  2,157,000
 The Voice – Mon Network 9  1,987,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,452,000
 60 Minutes – Sun Network 9  1,394,000
 Seven News – Mon Network 7  1,356,000
 The Big Bang Theory – Mon Network 9  1,311,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9  1,303,000
 The Big Bang Theory – Thurs Network 9  1,267,000
Source: OzTAM 29/04/14 – 05/05/14

Hulu in-stream purchase unit

Streaming video subscription network, Hulu, has partnered with Pizza Hut to launch a new type of in-context advertising that will let you order food during a commercial break — right from the screen you’re watching.  Literally, you won’t even have to leave your video player to complete your order and get a hot pizza on-route to your home – all in a regularly scheduled commercial break from your programming. The move is part of Hulu’s strategy to revitalize its ad products. The “In-Stream Purchase Unit” ad type could be a game changer for the TV ad industry because it gives brands the opportunity to bypass “marketing” and go straight for the sale.  The new strategy was announced at Hulu’s annual Upfront presentation in New York last week. Hulu revealed at the event that its users watch an average of 50 minutes every time they log in.  If the company can create a type of ad that offers to increase that engagement, it could be very attractive to brands. It will be interesting to see who introduces this kind of technology into Australia first and how quickly it is embraced by consumers.

Website of the week

Google nightwalk

Google Nightwalk is an interactive website that takes you on a night time tour of Marseille, hosted by your guide Christophe.  Christophe is also the artist that designed this night walk – so he knows what he’s talking about! The website is a wonderful and creative use of Google’s Maps (in particular Street View) and is an engaging experience from beginning to end. Try it out for yourself!

The fragrance lab

As part of their 6 week long ‘Beauty Project’ campaign, London department store Selfridges, is inviting guests to experience a groundbreaking new way to explore fragrance.

The store are inviting you on a 15 minute journey through their Fragrance Lab, where “you will enter a one-of-a-kind profiling experience and leave with your own signature scent that represents the essence of who you are”.  This all takes place in a re-designed wing of Selfridges that has been designed to emulate a typical science lab environment – complete with lab assistants in white coats!

Your journey through the fragrance lab starts by answering some multiple choice questions on an iPad, followed by a guided audio tour through several different spaces, where you are presented with pleasant and unpleasant smelling scents, and instructed to interact with items designed to heighten the senses.  Between every room, you’ll have your nasal passage cleansed by coffee beans, and at the end of your journey, an assistant will present you with your custom fragrance along with a personality analysis of why the perfume was chosen for you.

The Fragrance Lab seeks to merge online and in-store experiences into the retail environment and for only 65 pounds you too can take home your own 50ml bottle of customized perfume.

App of the week

Take a vhoto

Vhoto is a wonderful little app that exists to do just one job really well. It will take any videos that you’ve filmed on your smartphone, analyse them, then find some great photos hidden in the video before exporting them to your photo roll.  It’s super easy to use and definitely comes in handy when you’ve been a bit over-zealous with the video recorder when you really just need a couple of pictures to share with friends on Instagram.

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