Would you notice a family member… if they were homeless?

An emotional new campaign by New York City Rescue Mission has been buzzing around the internet this week, encouraging us all to change how we see the homeless. The experiment, entitled “Make Them Visible” aims to show just how numb we have become to those less fortunate than ourselves.  By interviewing a few select individuals, while placing their friends and family members on the street outside – dressed in appropriately destitute clothing – we’re able to witness regular people walk straight by their closest loved ones without a second glance.  The results are moving  and the point of difference with this video is that it aims not to point a finger, but to gently show that any one of us could be fooled by this scenario. There is a great website to accompany the video, featuring stories from the real faces of NYC’s homeless, which you can visit at www.makethemvisible.com

Video of the week

Nike Football – over 34 million views in 4 days!

Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Wayne Rooney are back in the second part of Nike’s ‘Risk Everything’ campaign, now joined by a host of other football superstars and a few special guests. Davide Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Nike, comments: “We connect to players’ passion for the game, whether it is the world’s best in Brazil or players in the park or street. ‘Winner Stays’ taps into an experience that every young player around the world will recognize – competition with friends and the idea of playing with your heroes or pretending to be them.”


TV Ratings

Cooking countdown

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 My Kitchen Rules – Tue Network 7  2,057,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Mon Network 7  2,005,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Wed Network 7  1,961,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Sun Network 7  1,914,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,373,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9  1,232,000
 Seven News – Mon Network 7  1,230,000
 Nine News – Tue Network 9  1,227,000
 Sunday Night – Sun Network 7  1,227,000
 Nine News – Fri Network 9  1,219,000
Source: OzTAM 22/04/14 – 28/04/14

A revolutionary new touchable video platform

It’s no secret that video content is a huge driver of engagement, increases brand awareness and for retailers it converts viewers into shoppers. One streaming start-up, Cinematique, has taken it one step further by immersing users with their touchable video platform. Basically, it’s a video player that tracks what viewers “touch” while watching TV shows, music videos, and branded videos. Those objects (products) are then bookmarked and saved to a list, or “boutique”, that can be purchased or shared with friends online. “For content creators, not only does Cinematique allow them to monetize the viral spread of their videos, it also allows them to use the analytics, which are more powerful than regular video analytics, to decide which parts of the campaign are successful, to see which parts users want to re-engage, and how to go forward,” cofounder Randy Ross explains.

Website of the week

At sea, you tire faster than you think

Interactive video website, sortieenmer.com, simulates the fatigue of staying afloat in freezing water. The interaction lets users keep the drowning hero’s head above water by endlessly scrolling, but with your friend disappearing into the horizon in your tiny boat, there doesn’t appear to be any help coming.

This shockingly effective website, designed by french nautical equipment company Guy Cotten, serves one purpose; to remind you to wear your life jacket whenever you are on the ocean.

Mazda’s three month road trip on Instagram

Often for brands, standing out in social media can be a difficult task to master. Recently though, Mazda Canada took fans on a virtual road trip through Instagram and along the way created one of the most innovative uses of the platform to date. The car maker posted images and videos that plotted the course of a Mazda vehicle along a windy road. Each post is beautifully detailed and art directed, taking advantage of the Instagram grid layout to fit together like puzzle pieces. The three month “Long Drive Home” made stops at sponsored events and cultural occasions like Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl along the way.  At the end of the journey, Mazda gave away a car to one of their Instagram followers.

App of the week

Look at the birdy!

Look Birdy is a fun new app designed by a young Australian dad that serves the sole purpose of getting your child to look at the camera when you are photographing them.  Though it seems like a big task, the app makes photographing your kids easy by using a combination of tweeting bird noises and your iPhone’s built in flash. It couldn’t be any more simple than that. Watch the videos below to see it in action!


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