Put some colour in your wardrobe

How would you rate your fashion sense? Do you dress to impress?  Or are you, like most people, afraid of wearing too many bold colours and instead stick to the safety of whites, blacks and greys?

AS COLOUR are a New Zealand based fashion supplier that specialize in high quality, blank garments.  They think the world looks better in colour, but find that most of their customers lack the confidence to be daring with their colour choices.   Their solution? Science!

Using the laws of colour science, the store introduced an interactive window display that analyzes what their customers are wearing so the program can then rate their colour choices and recommend the perfect colour for their outfit.  The store (coincidentally) stocks all of the colours the program recommends to it’s budding fashionistas.  Sales are up 16%.

Another great example of interactive technology influencing our real-world buying decisions.


Video of the week

Kids react to walkmans

Kids these days huh?  If there is one video that really demonstrates how drastically technology has changed over the last few years, it could be this one. In their long running online series of people reacting to things, The Fine Brothers have just released their new video featuring kids reacting to technology, namely, the good old, non skipping, battery powered cassette walkman. The results are pretty cute and the video has already reached around 2 million views in just over a day.

WARNING: Even if you’re still in your 20’s, this video has great potential to make you feel old.

TV Ratings

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 The Block: Fans V Faves:Winner Announced Network 9  2,180,000
 The Block: Fans V Faves:Auctions – Wed Network 9  2,156,000
 The Block: Fans V Faves:Grand Final – Wed Network 9  1,893,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Tues Network 7  1,672,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Wed Network 7  1,645,000
 The Block: Fans V Faves -Tues Network 9  1,509,000
 A Current Affair – Wed Network 9  1,441,000
 Resurrection – Tues Network 7  1,385,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7  1,372,000
 Seven News – Tues Network 7  1,289,000
Source: OzTAM 08/04/14 – 14/04/14

A first for everything

Vodafone’s latest “Firsts” campaign sets out to give a range of everyday people a ‘first time’ experience. The brand has captured and created a number of interesting stories, in this case it was two lucky grannies, An & Ria from the Netherlands who had never been on an airplane. Their video delves deep into the emotional story behind why these woman have never had the opportunity to fly, one who has feared it her whole life and the other whose widow was scared of heights, meaning it has also prevented her flying in the past.

The reactions from the women throughout the video make you want to laugh, cry, smile and feel overwhelmed with joy. During the flight you watch fears overcome and see both astounded by the experience of soaring above the clouds for the very first time. The product placement throughout the video, which features the new Vodafone ‘unaxone tablet’ appears naturally and is seen when the grannies are taking photos and connecting with their families. The product itself was designed especially for the elderly demographic claiming to be an “easy to use solution that makes getting closer easy”, with its ability to “share pictures, send text and voice notes, video conference, and see appointment reminders”. This story and production has received an overwhelming emotional response since being released last week, with positive reactions and comments flooding popular blogging websites, and receiving nearly 1 million views on YouTube.


Website of the week

I remember

What an amazing site. I Remember is a website built with the intention of raising awareness and funding to help fight Alzheimer’s Disease. It encourages users to submit their own memories to the website, as the page is designed to gradually disappear if more memories are not added to it regularly. The site is beautifully laid out and allows you to explore literally thousands of shared memories, that present themselves as though they are tiny lights, littered across a hilly landscape. Stunning!

This is your brain on Princess

It’s common knowledge that the fields of Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology can be heavily dominated by men (in numbers at least) and it’s a sad fact that girls often lose interest in these subjects at a young age.

Well, GoldieBlox founder, Debbie Sterling, wants to change all that. By appealing to girls’ strong verbal skills, GoldieBlox have released a story + construction set that is not only a heap of fun, but also helps build confidence and spatial skills in young ladies, while also providing them with tools they need to build and create amazing things. They’ve also created a killer video campaign that’s being spread far and wide across the web right now. Take a look.

EMBEDDED VIDEO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ArNAB9GFDog)

App of the week


Tidy is a wonderful app that will make sorting out the mess that is your Smartphone photo album a pleasure.

Tidy can sort photos taken on your phone by distance, time or shape, placing them in appropriate folders on your behalf.  It’s easy to edit these folders and there are even some parallels with Timehop, with the ability to view photos you took a year ago today, or the last time you were in a similar region (based on geographic location).

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