Navigate the web with your iPhone flashlight

Bates Motel, an online TV series acting as a prequel to the film Psycho, has added an interactive element to its website to promote the second season. The virtual experience lets fans navigate the website remotely with their iPhone.

Using your iPhone’s flashlight app, you can navigate the dark corners of the motel featured throughout the series. Using actual footage from the show creates a convincing & immersive interactive experience that furthers the connection fans have with the series. The interactive experience is made possible with HTML5 websockets to pair your phone with the site, which essentially transforms your iPhone into a game controller that lets you uncover your own mysteries within the eerie motel room.

Video of the week

Valentine’s Day is a time for sharing your heart with someone special

15 months and more than 72 million YouTube views after its successful premiere, Melbourne Metro’s safety campaign “Dumb Ways to Die” is back with this cute (if not grotesque) little spot for Valentine’s Day.


TV Ratings

Australians get nostaglic

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules-Mon Network 7 1,925,000
My Kitchen Rules-Wed Network 7 1,911,000
My Kitchen Rules-Sun Network 7 1,863,000
My Kitchen Rules-Tue Network 7 1,792,000
Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart – Sun Network 7 1,768,000
Sunday Night – Sun Network 7 1,684,000
The Block: Fans V Faves -Sun Network 9 1,361,000
Love Child – Mon Network 9 1,354,000
Seven News – Sun Network 7 1,340,000
The Block: Fans V Faves -Mon Network 9 1,198,000
Source: OzTAM 11/02/14 – 17/02/14


Business card doubles as smartphone speaker system

Swedish Hi-Fi store ‘Pause‘ has taken creative business cards to a whole new level by re-designing theirs to double as a portable speaker for smartphones.

It fits comfortably in your pocket, just like a regular business card, but when you’d like some music in your life it folds outwards to form a pocket-like holder for your phone.  The cards are printed on a 330 gram Plike paper that delivers a 17% boost in amplification volume when the phone is placed inside.

The philosophy of Pause is that good sound has a relaxing effect on humans, so what better way to promote the store than with business card speakers?

“If good sound can provide us with harmonious doctors and alert bus drivers, well then it has saved lives”, states Pause.

Website of the week

Olympic story

The Olympic story website provide a comprehensive look back at the entire history of the Winter Olympic Games, from medal tallys to mascots and everything in between.  Not only does this website function as a great resource for lovers of the Games, it’s also highly engaging and looks absolutely fantastic.


Sony introduces the “Bottled Walkman”

Speaking of great sound: do you like to listen to music while you work out? Are you a keen swimmer?  Love a good surf?  Do you sometimes just really like going for a jog in the rain?

Well, the only soundtrack you’ve probably had access to is the relentless heaving of your own breath while you sweat it out, H2O style… until now!  Sony have released their first completely waterproof Walkman mp3 player.   Seem too good to be true?  Well to prove the underwater capabilities, it’s available for purchase from a vending machine near you – completely enclosed in a bottle of water.

That’s pretty neat, if you ask us.  Watch the video for the full story:

App of the week


Ever wanted someone to tell you what to say in an awkward conversation? Never fear, Crowdpilot is here!

Basically, it’s an app that lets you stream your conversation so you can receive live feedback from strangers, Facebook friends, or paid assistants. Simply select the situation you’re in, provide a little background, and wait for the advice to roll in!

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