Declare your love with Heineken this Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year, Heineken is launching ‘Date in a Box’. It is a glittery red box with a mystery date inside.  We don’t know what it is, but it’s sure to be special.  There’s only one catch: it’s a #DateInABox that can only be opened if the special man in your life is prepared to Instagram his feelings this Valentine’s Day. So tweet @Heineken_US for a box – then on the morning of Valentine’s Day, Heineken will tweet him a code that opens the box so he can whisk you away for an extra special date that night.  We’re looking forward to seeing how this works out for all of the couples out there!

Video of the week

The most honest Facebook video you’ve seen this week

The social media enthusiasts amongst us will have noticed that Facebook recently turned a whopping 10 years old.  This was celebrated across the network by individualised Facebook “look back” movies that summarise some of your Facebook highlights since the date you signed up.  These movies quickly flooded the social network, but it’s unlikely you’ll have seen one as honest as this!

TV Ratings

Seven for Seven

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
 My Kitchen Rules – Tues Network 7 2,110,000
 Inxs: Never Tear Us Apart – Sun Network 7 1,974,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Mon Network 7 1,948,000
 Sunday Night – Sun Network 7 1,793,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Wed Network 7 1,668,000
 My Kitchen Rules – Sun Network 7 1,640,000
 Seven News – Sun Network 7 1,292,000
 The Block: Fans V Faves – Sun Network 9 1,274,000
 Nine News – Sun Network 9 1,223,000
 Nine News – Mon Network 9 1,206,000
Source: OzTAM 04/02/14 – 10/02/14

Charlie Chaplin is on Instagram

With platforms like Instagram, brands struggle without the ability to customise. Refreshingly, the Toronto Silent Film Festival have created an amazing interactive campaign on the social network.

When placed sideways, their Instagram feed becomes a time machine revealing an interactive timeline, complete with facts, pictures and video clips. Instead of the usual clutter that’s associated with thumbnails, you’re met with a smooth progression of time.

“Throughout his life, Chaplin had a knack for doing things no one else had seen in film. It made sense to try and do the same with a medium as relevant in 2014”, said Matthew Litzinger, the creative director of the project. “We knew we had a strong platform in Instagram and wanted to find a unique way for fans to engage with it.”

Give it a try for yourself, we think the campaign is quite ingenious.

Website of the week


The BaBaDum website consists of 5 simple word games played in 9 different languages presented in a clean, beautiful and distinctive style.  Gather the kids around and take a look for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Becoming Dr. Doolittle

Ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking? Thanks to The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, now you can.

Currently in testing stages, No More Woof is an EEG device that analyses animal thought patterns in order to determine what’s on their mind. These brainwave patterns are picked up by a Raspberry Pi-powered computer that lets owners know how their dog is feeling. The product has been designed to comfortably fit onto the head of an average-sized dog and uses non-invasive EEG techniques to take a reading of their brainwaves, in much the same way as existing headbands for humans do. After successfully reaching their funding target through Indiegogo, Nordic Society now hope to identify more complex thought patterns, such as specific types of confusion.

App of the week

Secret App

Secret could be huge. It’s not about bragging — it’s about sharing, free of judgment.

The more people that love your posts, the further they spread. Your thoughts can travel worldwide.

A novel idea that is beautifully presented.


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