Tile – the world’s largest lost & found

What Next?

Airfy – the smartest Wi-Fi router ever?

The external design looks somewhat like an Art Deco lamp, but it is what the device is capable of that is of more interest – a public WiFi hotspot that provides free Internet access thanks to sponsored ads.

While the device is a fully-compliant 802.11ac/n router, it also acts as a Bluetooth iBeacon and allows you to set up a sort of local, wireless point-of-sale system in your office or shop. Using a mobile app, the service supports mobile payments via a proprietary POS gateway.

The device also has 50 controllable LED lights that owners can program to light up whenever something happens to their digital accounts such as Facebook updates, commerce sales or phone calls.

Video of the week

Devil baby goes viral

The video of an animatronic ‘Devil Baby’ roaming the streets of New York & scaring the bejeezus out of innocent by-standers has gone viral this week, racking up over 35 million views so far.   <br></br>  The video has been just one part of a very clever viral campaign to promote the new film, “Devil’s Due”.

TV Ratings

TV ratings

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Nine News – Sunday Network 9 1,351,000
One Day Cricket – Game 3, Session 2 Network 9 1,246,000
Nine News – Friday Network 9 1,239,000
Seven News – Tuesday Network 7 1,186,000
Seven News – Thursday Network 7 1,159,000
Seven News – Monday Network 7 1,155,000
One Day Cricket – Game 2, Session 2 Network 9 1,139,000
One Day Cricket – Game 3, Session 1 Network 9 1,119,000
Nine News – Tuesday Network 9 1,092,000
Seven News – Wednesday Network 7 1,037,000
Source: OzTAM 14/01/14 – 20/01/14

A convertible, convertible?

The flat pack car you can build yourself in under hour has arrived. The Urban Tabby comes in two and four seat versions and uses the world’s first universal framework that can be modified to the customer’s wants and will be compatible with electric, hybrid or standard petrol engines reaching speeds of up to 85Km/h.

Built in less than one hour, it comes flat packed in easily transportable crates, doesn’t require any special tools and is assembled at home by the customers.

Website of the week

A formula 1 history

The illustrations and colors of this project by graphic designer and Formula 1 enthusiast Nicolò Bertoncin are on point. The site highlights a new car and driver every 15 days, spanning the glorious 53 years of Formula 1 history from 1963 on. It’s obviously created with a lot of love and interest. Be sure to check out Nicolò’s portfolio here.

Night cycling essential clothing

With an increasing amount of people turning to bikes to beat congested roads all around the world, it’s more important than ever for cyclists to remain highly visible at night. Set for release early this year, Sugoi have done just that with their glass pixel embedded jackets.

Under normal daylight conditions, the riding apparel appears to be an everyday sport jacket. When illuminated by car lights at night however, the Zap Jacket lights up like New York City’s Time Square, reflecting that light evenly across the surface of the clothing. Because the glass pixels are embedded on the exterior of the fabric, there is no need for any batteries or power source.

App of the week

Tile – the world’s largest lost & found

Watch the video to see how simply you can use Tile to locate any hard to find items:

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