‘What will your verse be?’ – Apple

Continuing with the artistic marketing direction of last year’s iPad launch, Apple have released their new commercial featuring an audio clip taken from the 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society.

Parallel to the poetry is inspiring imagery, bringing the iPad and its creative prowess to the forefront. Apple’s dramatic video is linked to a unique page on its website that is set to deliver a series of video essays dedicated to how the iPad is being used for content creation.

Perhaps this approach is key in strengthening the iPad’s profile as a possible replacement for Apple’s increasingly less popular Mac desktops and laptops.

Video of the week

Thank you, Mum

Proctor & Gamble have struck gold with their spot that shows the sacrifice and struggles athletes put themselves through to get to Sochi 14. The story of how their mums helped pick them back up from setbacks along the way has had over 8.5 million views.

TV Ratings

Extended news bulletin heats up competition

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
One Day Cricket – Game 1 Session 2 Network 9 1,624,413
Nine News Sunday Network 9 1,489,612
One Day Cricket –  Game 1 Session 1 Network 9 1,245,531
Seven News Network 7 1,074,843
Nine News Network 9 1,072,602
Nine News 6.30 Network 9 1,022,505
Seven News Sunday Network 7 1,013,111
Cricket: T20 Big Bash League Game 20 Network TEN 945,217
Seven News – Saturday Network 7 941,709
Foyle’s War – EV ABC1 921,684
Source: OzTAM 07/01/14 – 13/01/14

Feeling tired or unwell? Just ask your shirt

Introducing smart clothes – shirts made from fabric woven with micro-sensors that can reveal when someone is unwell, courtesy of Cityzen Sciences.

The French based firm have developed sensors in the shirt that capture data about the wearer and transmit the information through a small battery-powered unit sewn discretely where a label typically goes.

Sent in real-time to an application on a smartphone, the data is charted and alerts people to potential health problems. Apart from revealing whether the wearer is tired or stressed, the technology can even see if a heart attack is on the way.

“The fabric can be made into any clothing; gloves, shirts, pants, you name it,” said Gilbert Reveillon, international managing director at Cityzen. “It is the first time ever that we managed to mix these two industries, embedding sensors into textile.”



Website of the week

LSO Play

LSO Play by the London Symphony Orchestra is a fantastic example of how one medium of creative expression can be interwoven into the new age of technology. Users are able to customise their experience by watching up to 4 viewpoints from within the orchestra itself – thus allowing them to focus on the instruments or positions in the arrangement they wish to.

An interactive map of the orchestra is also available showing how each instrument section plays their part. One piece is currently available to view, however plans to add more performances is on the cards.

Whirlpool introduce an interactive kitchen at CES 2014

Whirlpool is showcasing a few of its ideas for the kitchen of the future at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, including their interactive touchscreen cooktop. It features Twitter and Facebook integration, virtual recipes and news and weather updates.

The mockup seen in the video below, highlights the exciting future of the stovetop. While Whirlpool have a lot of work ahead of them to turn this concept into reality, the potential of an interactive kitchens seems almost logical. The standout feature is with interactive recipes – instead of keeping an iPad nearby while cooking, the display would be able to show instructions right next to ingredients, pans, bowls, and cutting boards. The added ability to change the music streaming on your audio system makes the system the master of the kitchen.

App of the week


To see how you can work Adornably into your home redecoration, check out the video:

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