Game of Phones

There will be no White Walkers (quiet talkers, maybe) and winter definitely isn’t coming, but in a spoof on cult TV show “Game of Thrones”, Virgin Mobile Australia have just launched a new reality game – “Game of Phones”. Based on the famous Mini Getaway campaign from 2010, this game will have you battling to become “King” and share in a prize pool of $230,000.

Once you’ve downloaded the app (available here) you’ll have access to hundreds of virtual prizes, located all over Australia. Collect the prizes near you by getting within 50m of them, then stay away from other players, who will be out to steal your virtual “prize”. Sounds fun, and far less gory than its television counterpart.

Feeling stressed?

If you ever feel overwhelmed by stress while in the workplace, a solution could soon be on it’s way. Philips, in a project funded by the Dutch government, have create the “Adaptive Relaxation Space”.

The room responds to each individual in the room via a series of high-tech sensors placed in the soft flooring. The sensors trigger space partitions that open and close, responding to your movements, creating a unique, enclosed environment to help you relax. Combined with soft lighting and soothing sounds, the aim of the Adaptive Relaxation Space is to reduce your stress levels by inducing paced breathing, personal balance and an ambient experience.

The room has been created by a team of professionals and academics working in mental health, to combat regular workplace anxiety and tensions, and will fit a range of environments, not only offices, but airports, hospitals and mental health facilities.

Read more about it here.

TV Ratings

News, news, and more news

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Seven News – Monday Network 7 1,259,000
The Big Bang Theory – Monday Network 9 1,232,000
Nine News – Monday Network 9 1,229,000
Dancing with the Stars – Tuesday Network 7 1,206,000
Nine News – Wednesday Network 9 1,188,000
Seven News – Wednesday Network 7 1,164,000
The Big Bang Theory – Monday Network 9 1,158,000
Seven News – Tuesday Network 7 1,153,000
60 Minutes – Sunday Network 9 1,151,000
Nine News – Thursday Network 9 1,140,000
Source: OzTAM 12/11/13 – 18/11/13


Every once in a while a project comes along that not only inspires but opens up endless possibilities, and this is exactly what the Tangible Media Group/MIT Media Lab have done with their creation of inFORM.

inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on a table’s surface.

inFORM is the result of many earlier versions and initial prototypes, and is a very large step closer to the concept of Tangible User Interfaces (TUI).

Find out more about it here, or check out the video:

Website of the week

Shop for a cause with TOMS

If you’re a fan of companies that give something back, then you’ve probably heard of TOMS One for One movement. Started in 2006, the program donates a pair of shoes to a child for every pair of shoes sold; so far there have been more than 10 million shoes donated, and counting.

Expanding on the company’s mission to help people in need, they have now launched TOMS Marketplace, a partnership with 30 other brands to create an online shopping portal. The key with this site is that all the brands enlisted have been chosen because of their contributions to those in need. So now you can shop and know that the companies that you are buying from will subsequently give something back. You can also choose to shop by a particular cause, brand, or region of the world. Maybe the perfect place to take care of all your Christmas shopping?

A big ad for a small business

We all know the US Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, and it has become much more than just a game. with the half time entertainment and the ads often dominating conversation for much longer than the game itself. But unless you’re a massive brand like Coca-Cola or Volvo, at around $4 million a spot, you have no chance of getting an ad aired during the Super Bowl, right? Wrong! (For one lucky small business anyway).

Intuit have just announced their 4 finalists in a competition called Small Business, Big Game that will give one company a professional TV commercial made by an agency, and a 30 second spot during the 2014 Super Bowl. The companies in the running are Dairy Poop, Barley Labs, GoldieBlox and Locally Laid Egg Company; if you want to support one of these businesses you can check out their videos and vote until 1 December.

App of the week


Eye-Fi allows users to instantly and wirelessly transfer images from a digital camera to smartphone or computer – no cables or card readers required.

The Eye-Fi SDHC wireless memory card, with built-in wifi network, transfers photos and videos directly to your phone’s camera roll whenever new content is detected. Once the transfer completes, the card disconnects its wifi to save your battery.

Designed for people used to storing their photos on phones and tablets, Eye-Fi works paired with a free iOS or Andriod app that acts as an image viewer.

Eye-Fi gives photo lovers the ability to instantly view, edit and share great quality photos on smartphone or tablet, and showcase on social media in real-time.

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