Ikea sells sustainability

Ikea started a campaign to help customers of new Ikea furniture sell their old furniture, creating a trusted environment for buyers of second hand goods.

During the 8 week campaign, Ikea collected old furniture destined for landfill and after tidying them up, photographed each item for resale utilising the same production technique and budget normally reserved for new catalogue furniture.

Each item was then listed for resale by Ikea, sharing their exclusive paid advertising space with secondhand sellers – including their TV spots, internet display ads and outdoor print. Ikea also converted their Facebook account into a giant flea market, advertising secondhand furniture throughout the campaign.

Sales of new Ikea furniture went up during the campaign, and Ikea was also able to sell a great sustainability message in the process.

Big week of winners

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Melbourne Cup – The Race – Tuesday Network 7 2,305,000
Melbourne Cup – Race Presentation – Tuesday Network 7 1,640,000
Big Brother – Winner Announced – Wednesday Network 9 1,525,000
Melbourne Cup – The Mounting Yard – Tuesday Network 7 1,434,000
Australia’s Got Talent – Winner – Sunday Network 9 1,391,000
Big Brother – Celebration – Wednesday Network 9 1,289,000
The Big Bang Theory – Monday Network 9 1,289,000
60 Minutes – Sunday Network 9 1,239,000
Seven News – Sunday Network 7 1,174,000
Australia’s Got Talent – Sunday Network 9 1,165,000
Source: OzTAM 05/11/13 – 11/11/13

Google outdoor

Google are testing a new way of helping users get the most out of London, with outdoor Google search kiosks.

The pilot project called Google Outside, uses the same ‘Google Now’ technology found in smartphones, to provide location-based, real-time information. 160 digital kiosks debuted last week at various locations around London, split across 100 bus shelters and 60 tube stations.

Designed to help both Londoners and tourists alike, the kiosks incorporate a journey planner, city guide and weather reporter. Nearby events and hotspots are suggested based on time of day and weather conditions, such as promoting outdoor activities on dry days. In addition, if there are delays on the Underground the screens may suggest alternative travel information.

If the pilot program is a success, we can hope that these information kiosks will be expanded across other major cities.

Website of the week

Sony: Full Frame

Sony’s ‘Discover Full Frame’ microsite showcases the latest range of innovative full-frame cameras from Sony, while providing an excellent user experience. The website builds on the design queues of the recent ‘Sony Connected World’ campaign, to present content simply and effectively to the user.

The design is clean and rational; a simple one page website, which focuses on a different feature of the full-frame technology with every scroll. Bold typography helps guide the user through the content, while a balance of beautiful imagery and interactive sliders showcase the power of the full-frame cameras.

Overall, the website is a great example of how simple design can promote usability and a greater understanding of a brand’s product.

‘Car Mode’ for iPhone

More people die each year in road accidents caused by texting while driving than in crashes caused by drink driving. That’s an alarming statistic, especially considering texting related driving incidents are definitely on the increase.

With this in mind, New Yorker Joey Cofone has developed ‘Car Mode’ for iPhones. Much like ‘Airplane Mode’ it turns off certain features in your phone when you enter the car – namely, text messaging. Unlike Airplane Mode, Car Mode does not need to be activated manually – rather, it automatically connects to the Bluetooth in your vehicle.

Once connected, you will not be able to read any text messages while in your car. If you receive a message, an automatic response will be sent advising that your phone is currently in Car Mode. You will still be able to receive calls and driving directions via your car’s hands-free system, as per usual.

While we’re seeing similar offerings coming to market (such as Siri Eyes Free), Car Mode extends on this functionality by building the automated technology into the phone itself. While Car Mode isn’t available just yet, we hope that one day it will be incorporated into all Apple iPhone operating systems as a standard feature.

App of the week

Knock to unlock

Knock is a new app that allows you to unlock your Mac computer simply by knocking on your iPhone twice. No more typing in those lengthy usernames and passwords! It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to make a secure connection – a new technology that won’t drain your iPhone’s battery even if you use it all day, every day. And if you lose your iPhone, no worries! Just login to your computer the old fashioned way and remove the link to your phone.

If you’re constantly logging into your computer throughout the day this app will be a bit of fun and might just save you some time as well.

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