Makeup vending machine for subway commuters

Beauty company L’Oreal have installed a vending machine in a New York subway station that recommends cosmetics that people can buy on the spot.

The screens and full length mirrors within the ‘Intelligent Color Experience’ vending machine use cameras and sensors to suggest L’Oreal products to passing subway commuters.

On approaching the installation, customers are presented with a digital animation of their silhouette and the colours they’re wearing, and they can choose whether they want cosmetics that either ‘match’ or ‘clash’.

If they “love the look”, the machine suggests cosmetics that they can purchase directly, or alternatively, they can chose to email the look to themselves.

The interactive experience offers a customized and convenient way to shop, outside of the traditional store.

Kittens, delivered to your doorstep!

To celebrate National Cat Day, the Cheezburger Network (a content platform popular for unlimited cat memes), teamed up with Uber (an app-based transportation company), to let US customers play with kittens, for a small fee.

Promoting downloads of the Uber app, which connects users to a network of personal drivers, customers could pay a modest fee of $20 to have an Uber driver deliver kittens to their home, where they could cuddle and play with them for 15 minutes.

All kittens were also available for adoption, and the $20 was donated to animal shelters.

If the kittens weren’t enough, they also arrived with cupcakes. Ridiculously cute PR by Uber. Check it out here.

TV Ratings

Dancing with the Stars takes over top spot

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Dancing with the Stars – Tuesday Network 7 1,178,000
Seven News – Tuesday Network 7 1,169,000
Nine News – Tuesday Network 9 1,145,000
Nine News – Monday Network 9 1,136,000
Seven News – Monday Network 7 1,131,000
The Big Bang Theory – Monday Network 9 1,125,000
Seven News – Sunday Network 7 1,103,000
Australia’s Got Talent – Finals – Sunday Network 9 1,082,000
New Tricks – Saturday ABC Network 1,051,000
Gruen Planet – Wednesday ABC Network 1,045,000
Source: OzTAM 29/10/13 – 04/11/13

Hands-free tablet

Doing away with the need to swipe a touch-screen device to interact, the Eye Tribe Tracker enables users to control their devices simply using eye movements.

Eye Tribe is the smallest eye tracker in the world. Connecting to devices via USB 3, the Eye Tribe tracks the exact point that the user is looking at on the screen. This allows for hands-free navigation of apps and websites on most new tablets, laptops and desktops, as well as eye-activated login.

The Eye Tribe Tracker comes with a software development kit that lets users integrate the eye tracking technology into games and applications.

The first release only supports Microsoft Windows (XP SP1 or newer), but the creators are working on support for other major platforms. The device can be pre-ordered for $99.

Virtual teleportation across Europe

French national railway company SNCF created a virtual portal between countries, transporting bystanders to a different European city.

Bright, stand-alone doors were scattered throughout Paris, containing custom made digital screens that fit inside the doorframes perfectly. Once the doors were opened, pedestrians were able to interact with, among others, a mime artist in Milan, a dance hip-hop crew in Barcelona and some young German cyclists.

These fun activities helped create multicultural links between Europeans, using sophisticated technology that combines the best of digital with a real time, interactive and responsive, human social experience.

Website of the week

Enjoy Your Privacy

Norton Mobile have created a multi-device experience that highlights the dangers we face around mobile security.

The interactive experience aims to make the point that anything we do online, or via a digital source, is recorded in some way. It does this by introducing you to several characters who all have a secret to keep, that their smartphones cannot.

Link your smartphone with the website and it becomes one of the character’s phones – allowing you to access their emails, texts, photos and even their bank statements. You soon uncover each character’s secret, and discover each story is intertwined in some way. What makes it a little more real, is being able to see the story unfold on your desktop screen in front of you.

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