Bathurst Supercars race to the top 10

What Next?

Watch TV via Tweets

A new partnership between Comcast, NBCUniversal and Twitter will enable users to tune in to a TV show directly from a Tweet.

The new Twitter feature called ‘See It’ will be available to Comcast Xfinity subscribers in the US (Comcast is the nation’s largest cable TV provider).

Tweets about particular shows will feature the ‘See It’ button; allowing customers to click through to watch the show On Demand, change channels, and record programs, on either a TV or mobile device.

Initially, the feature will be available only on Twitter posts published by the NBCUniversal networks, about their offerings such as “The Voice.” However, the companies intend to extend the feature to other networks in the future.

Twitter is host to real-time conversation about television, often driving people to tune in to particular programs. This partnership certainly establishes Twitter as a hub for social TV, and is something we’d love to see Australian networks embrace!

Video of the week

Volvo Trucks – The Chase

The latest live test from Volvo Trucks is third in the series, which also included the Hampster stunt. The video shows off the Volvo’s manoeuvrability on the tiny twisting streets in Spain, and has racked up an impressive 1,302,810 views in 7 days

TV Ratings

Bathurst Supercars race to the top 10

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
The X Factor Live Performance – Sunday Network 7 1,818,000
The X Factor Live Results – Monday Network 7 1,637,000
Sunday Night – Sunday Network 7 1,514,000
V8 Supercars: Bathurst Day 3 Podium – Sunday Network 7 1,483,000
Seven News – Sunday Network 7 1,468,000
The Blacklist – Monday Network 7 1,297,000
V8 Supercars: Bathurst Day 3 The Race – Sunday Network 7 1,260,000
Dancing with the Stars – Tuesday Network 7 1,240,000
Nine News – Tuesday Network 9 1,214,000
Nine News – Monday Network 9 1,196,000
Source: OzTAM 08/10/13 – 14/10/13

The ultimate 4D movie experience

KLM airlines have teamed up with Disney to give 300 youngsters a movie experience they will never forget.

After entering a colouring competition, these very lucky kids were told they’d won tickets to an exclusive pre-screening of the new film “Planes”. But, instead of being treated to a trip to the local cinema, they were escorted by bus to an aircraft hangar to watch the film on board their own private jumbo jet. The experience was complete with dazzling special effects, in and around the plane, mimicking everything that happened to the main character.

Take a look at the video and be jealous. We certainly are!

Website of the week


HelloRun is a HTML5 game that sees the player worming their way through the bowels of a well lit dirty space ship, whilst being eased along to the beats of Du Tonc’s “Surging Memories”. As the player sees themself being guided through the dark passages, they must furiously flick between the up and down keys to avoid any blockages along the way.

This combination of easy game play, sweet and simple 3D models and fun music is even better when played with a Leap Motion controller. Once connected, the player can then duck and weave through the dark corners of HelloRun using just their fingertips.

HelloRun is a fun little game that’s easy to play and enjoyable to watch and listen to.

Have you ever been phubbed?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the words to articulate exactly how you feel about something. We all know what it’s like to sit with a friend, family member or colleague while they stare intently at their phone.

Macquarie Dictionary of Australia enlisted a panel of language experts at the University of Sydney to invent a word to describe this behaviour: “phubbing” is the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

Over the course of a year, the word was used as a piece of content and seeded into the lexicon and culture. In turn, Macquarie cleverly illustrated the art of staying relevant in a world where language is always changing.

App of the week


Vyclone is a small app that allows users to collaborate on making a video.

Met up with a group of friends and record a beatbox together or record with strangers at a concert to create a multi-angle video of a performance. The syncing and creation is automated by Vyclone, although you are able to create a remix later on their site.

A great way to collaboratively create multi-angle videos without spending hours in a video studio.

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