Heineken’s new twist on Departure Roulette

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Dream Catcher reveals local hot spots

When planning a holiday, travellers often seek out recommendations of the best places to go and things to do for their chosen destination.

KLM airlines has tapped into this insight, following up their Must See Map with a new travel aid, Dream Catcher.

On visiting the site and entering the location you’re interested in, the service crowd sources thousands of recommendations for entertainment, food and bars, accommodation and shopping; it does this by collating reviews from 12 top online services including Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook.

You can then pick your favourite suggestions, and the site generates a map and list that you can save to your phone, print, or share with friends; or you can directly proceed to book your flight at KLM.com.

Check out the video below to see exactly how Dream Catcher is a great example of a service that adds value for customers.

Website of the week

Living portraits

Taking brand endorsement to another level, Mountain Dew’s “Living Portraits” is a fantastic campaign that celebrates the seemingly mythical lives of the celebrities behind the drink.

Part of the “This Is How We Dew” campaign, key celebrity endorsers including NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, and snowborder Danny Davis, are shown in super stylised and symbolised “living portraits”. These are incredible in their post-production, with intricate details being revealed as the portrait zooms out from each person.

The site provides a platform for digging deeper into the lives of each celebrity endorser. Each spot revolves around the celebrity on their stylised throne, and as the portrait expands it reveals hotspots overlaid onto infinite animation loops that provide a way for the user to explore their lives in greater detail. Much of the imagery revolves around beliefs and inside jokes of the celebrity, and the seemingly super-interesting lives they lead.

Heineken’s new twist on Departure Roulette

Have you ever seen a brand do a really cool activation, shared it on Facebook or Twitter, and expressed how much you would have liked to be involved? Unfortunately, most of the time we never get that opportunity, as once the activation is done, that’s it, it’s over. With Departure Roulette though, Heineken decided to take the campaign a step further.

Heineken tracked down some fans of the original stunt and held them to their word. These people had said they’d drop anything and fly to a mystery destination, so the Departure Roulette board was taken to them, and that’s exactly what they did. And, in doing so, Heineken also showed that they’re a brand that listens.

App of the week

Spoiler Shield

We’re used to TV shows airing in the US before Australia; and as a result we’ve all been too scared to jump onto Facebook or Twitter lest we find out what happened in Breaking Bad, or what’s going down in Glee.

Well, the deceptively brilliant Spoiler Shield comes to the rescue. Simply attach your Twitter and/or Facebook account and Spoiler Shield blocks social media updates of your chosen shows.

At present, the app allows you to choose from more than 30 pre-selected popular TV shows that are currently airing in the US, then it simply blocks tweets or status updates that mention the name of the show.

As an added bonus, if you follow NFL or baseball, you can add your favourite teams to the filter as well.

A simple and elegant (if a little US-centric) solution to what is very much a first world problem.

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Make home brew using your smartphone

Brewbot is one of the latest examples of how you can take an existing product, add technology, and turn it into something quite different.

Home brewing can be complicated, with a lot of room for error. This new Kickstarter project seeks to eliminate many of the issues faced by automating much of the process, allowing users to control and monitor their brew with their smartphone.

Doing this will let users concentrate on thinking about new recipes, and also allow them to more easily replicate a successful brew.

At around $3,000, this will obviously not be for every home brewer. And the question has to be raised anyway, can a machine really replicate the handcrafted approach that would be used otherwise?


TV Ratings

The AFL Grand Final makes its mark and scores top rating position

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
AFL: Grand Final: Hawthorn V Fremantle – Sat Network 7 2,717,000
AFL: Grand Final: Presentations – Sat Network 7 2,467,000
AFL: Grand Final: On The Ground – Sat Network 7 1,967,000
AFL: Grand Final: Post Match – Sat Network 7 1,726,000
Seven News – Sat Network 7 1,637,000
The Blacklist – Mon Network 7 1,596,000
The X Factor Live Performance – Sun Network 7 1,543,000
The X Factor Live Results – Mon Network 7 1,525,000
AFL: Grand Final: Pre-Match Entertainment – Sat Network 7 1,447,000
Sunday Night – Sun Network 7 1,391,000
Source: OzTAM 24.09.13 – 30.09.13