Catch a Volkswagen GTI online to win it

This Friday, September 13th, visitors to the four most popular Dutch websites will have the chance to win the new Volkswagen GTI – they just have to be the fastest to click.

To create the GTI BannerBahn, a banner race set in the real world, representations of the websites were painted on an airway tarmac, and a rally driver (presumably The Stig’s Dutch cousin) races the GTI over the paint job. This is all filmed and fed live to the actual websites, where the viewer who clicks on the car first will win it.

Will you have a go? See how they did it:

Hunting for tickets to the US Open

If you’re a fan of scavenger hunts and love Where’s Wally, then you’d probably enjoy Heineken’s campaign celebrating their sponsorship of the US Open.

Utilising Instagram, Heineken uploaded a very large panoramic shot (consisting of around 250 images); people then had to follow clue after clue, searching through the photos in the hope of winning tickets to the US Open Men’s Singles Final.

While the competition was unfortunately only open to US residents, if you enjoy scavenger hunts, you should check it out on Instagram anyway (best on a smartphone, not a desktop).

Website of the week

Arcade Fire – Just a Reflektor

Another brilliant Chrome Experiment for Arcade Fire’s latest music video, Just a Reflektor seamlessly connects the mobile and desktop environments.

This is achieved by synchronising the mobile with the desktop via a pin code and allowing the website to access the computer’s webcam. Once activated, a target is shown on the mobile that is held up to the webcam, allowing the user to control the visual effects of the music clip.

The technologies and creative approach to this project are testament not only to the talented people involved in the project, but also to ambitious direction and the future of online content delivery.

To learn more about the technologies used, and to play around with the special effects using your mouse, visit

TV Ratings

News continues to dominate in the ratings

All People National – Free to Air Station Audience
Seven News (Sunday) Network 7 1,584,000
The X Factor Live Performance (Sunday) Network 7 1,556,000
Nine News (Monday) Network 9 1,360,000
Nine News (Sunday) Network 9 1,343,000
The X Factor Live Results (Monday) Network 7 1,317,000
Nine News (Wednesday) Network 9 1,265,000
Seven News (Monday) Network 7 1,256,000
Nine News (Thursday) Network 9 1,213,000
Nine News (Tuesday) Network 9 1,207,000
Seven News (Thursday) Network 7 1,192,000
Source: OzTAM 03.09.13 – 09.09.13


Share a Coke… and a meal

Coca-cola in Romania drew inspiration from a sad statistic for their latest campaign; 60% of people eat alone in front of the TV.

To change people’s habits and bring them together, they encouraged Tweeting using the hashtag #LetsEatTogether. The Tweets often invited people to share a meal and were broadcast live during Coke’s ads.

A great example of finding insight from everyday behaviour, figuring out something fun to encourage a positive shift in that behaviour, and also, integrating the online and offline worlds.

Check out the video below to see how this worked, and to find out about the other surprise element to this campaign.

Viral ad of the week

Guinness wheelchairs basketball ad

App of the week

Skala View

We are firmly in the era of the smartphone: in 2014 more Australians will access the internet from a mobile device than from a desktop machine.

Many major corporations, including Google, have adapted their digital product focus to be mobile first, and responsive design is very often the number one feature a client seeks.

As a result, numerous tools have emerged that make designing for mobile more streamlined, all with varying degrees of usefulness to the designer – and we have tried a few!

One that we like very much is Skala View for the iPhone and Android. It’s the simplest way to preview how your content actually looks on a real mobile device screen.

Previewing your design in-situ lets you test tap sizes, text, colour, contrast and ergonomics during the design process when changes can be easily made.

Try it out. It’s free, so what have you got to lose? Certainly not your valuable and ever diminishing design time!

Tommy amps up interactivity at NYFW

For his latest collection debut at New York Fashion Week, Tommy Hilfiger has employed some digital efforts aimed at encouraging community interest in the show.

Several “influencers” were invited to shoot the show using Lytro Cameras; these allow viewers to manipulate the photos taken to choose their view. The photos were shared through the guest’s blogs and social media profiles, and Tommy Hilfiger’s Twitter account.

A “social concierge” program was designed to make it easier for press and attendees to quickly get information from the runway. It allowed attendees to send requests to the label’s team at the event, for content such as photos and quotes.

It’s been suggested that in future seasons the label open up the social concierge to its followers on social media; a move that would further democratize the runway.

Viral video of the week

Ultra Reality: LG meteor prank

Infographic of the week

Vine: the facts

Our infographic for the week explores important statistics and uses of the micro-video platform Vine. If you’re not familiar with the format, video is limited to six seconds, which loops.

Top facts in the graphic are:
-Five Tweets per second contain a Vine link
-A branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video
-Urban Outfitters, the first brand to use Vine, is still an industry leader on the platform

You can also explore the top five industries on Vine, as well as which international brands are the most successful. In addition, the top five tips for creating a successful Vine video are:
-Always use hashtags
-Create how-to video content
-The distribution strategy is key to success
-Craft content to match the call to action
-Be creative

Happy vining!

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