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Stan to beat Netflix to the punch

by Laura Furness on 23 January 2015

Stan, Presto, Quickflix, Netflix, Freeview Plus… the choices are going to be endless for TV streaming services that are making their way to our shores.

It would have made sense for all of the networks to join together and, with their superpowers combined, we would have had all the show choices you could want for just one payment per month. But no, there are going to be multiple options in the Australian market with each charging around $10-$15 per month for their services.

In my opinion there are three main players, Stan, Presto & Netflix. Presto launched last week, and Stan will be the next major contender to stake their claim in the market with their scheduled launch this Australia Day . Stan has put a lot of effort into marketing, with their most recent promo featuring comedian Rebel Wilson. The major draw cards for Stan will be Better Call Saul, and the chance to watch Breaking Bad from start to finish. Other programs will include Californication, South Park, Nurse Jackie, Little Britain, Dexter, Transparent, Masters of Sex, The Wiggles, Fargo and various movie titles. I must say, the programs are not enticing me in to pay the $10 a month.


Presto, the joint venture from Foxtel and Seven West Media, launched in Australia last week. I have not yet felt compelled to sign up for one of their packages. They have split the subscription so you can have a TV only package, movie only package or a combined package. The combined package is currently $14.99 per month, which is higher than both Stan and Netflix. Programming includes Girls, The Good Wife, True Blood, Entourage, Packed to the Rafters and a number of movies. It seems like Presto has a wider variety of shows, mainly due to Foxtel’s overseas contracts that are already in place. It also means that there is some overlap in shows that are available on both Stan and Presto (including Californication, Dexter and Nurse Jackie).

Netflix is set to launch at the end of March this year. With over 200,000 Australians already subscribed to the USA streaming service (I have heard it is relatively easy to do). It will be interesting to see how many of these users switch over to the Australian version! It is rumoured that not all of the content available on the USA service will be available in Australia. House of Cards, for example, has a contract with Foxtel… so will not be available through Netflix, along with Orange Is The New Black. Without these major draw cards, I doubt many of the 200,000 users will switch over to the Australian version any time soon.

With all of this in mind, I for one will be saving my money until some new programs are announced.

Which one are you going to sign up to? (If any!)

 Laura Furness is a Channel Planner at BCM

- Giulianna on January 23

A confused mind never buys and I think they are successfully confusing the market by offering this but not that, and maybe not that either... I like renting movies via iTunes when I'm ready to watch it rather than committing to an ongoing monthly charge but I think I'll give one of them a go.

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