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What’s ‘trendy’ in 2015?

by BCM Group on 22 January 2015

Well I’ve been back at the desk for two weeks now and it looks like 2015 is going to be a bumper year. A year full of incredible fresh opportunities and prosperity… that is, if my cluttered inbox is any indication.

It seems while I was unwinding over the Christmas period, everyone else was busy writing emails, newsletters and blog posts. And what is even stranger is they are all writing about the same thing – marketing trends for 2015!

Why? Because it seems more and more, as a marketer, it’s all about trends. And I don’t mean marketers telling me to buy things… I mean ‘trend predictors’ telling me what’s big and ‘on-trend’ in marketing.

This ‘trend’ of starting the year blasting a newsletter or updating a blog telling everyone exactly what will be ‘big’ in 2015 is doing my head in!

Over recent weeks, I have been bombarded by a plethora of psychics, all with their own crystal balls and cards telling me exactly what I need to do, or which way to push my clients in order to be successful, profitable, wealthy, smart and market-leading in this calendar year.

What I love most is that it seems these marketing trends only apply to 2015.

There will be new trends starting on January 1 in 2016, just like there were specific activities that needed to be completed by midnight on December 31, 2014.

So what is this sudden obsession with marketing trend predictions? Is it social media’s fault again?

Who decided what the marketing trends are for 2015 and what is their agenda?

Is there an official list?

And once the first person publishes ‘the trends’, does that mean all other trend predictors are actually trend prediction followers?

It was drilled in to me as an Account Executive that the best marketers and their brands stay ahead of trends – they don’t look to category leaders for clues, they forge their own direction, they go with their gut, they make decisions and judgement calls about what is right for the brand, not what is popular now.

I reckon, rather than wasting time reading about what’s going to be big in marketing this year, invest that time thinking about your brand and what sets it apart. Start thinking outside the box. Think differently. Ask one question – What if? – You might just create something amazing that changes everything.

Tim Higginson is a Group Account Director at BCM

- Gillian Tucker on January 22

Nice post, Tim. What if? a simple question which can create many exciting opportunities for marketers. Enjoy 2015.

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