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What makes a productive workspace?

by BCM Group on 7 January 2014

It’s no great secret that our work environment can have a direct impact on productivity, yet it can still be easy to underestimate the importance of a good workspace. This could be because there doesn’t seem to be a universal, one-size-fits-all formula that constitutes a productive workspace. Whether you are able to work better with a cluttered desk, as Einstein famously did, or sitting on the floor of a big empty room, like Steve Jobs in his formative years, it’s clear that the space in which we work plays an enormous role in maximizing our creativity.

The perfect workspace may vary from person to person, but a lot of studies have found certain elements to be somewhat universally beneficial, such as open, airy spaces, careful use of colour and lighting, and the selection and layout of furnishings. It makes sense then, that businesses (particularly those with a vested interest in creativity) make use of fantastic, inspiring workspaces.

I personally find myself to be extremely susceptible to the physical conditions of a work environment, be they positive or negative. Knowing this, I place huge emphasis on my workspace. My home office, for example, is not always clean and ordered, but there is always a system, always a lamp on when I’m working and always room to spread out.


The BCM Partnership offices are a great example of a creativity-inspiring workplace. It’s apparent the moment the elevator doors open to the bright, open reception area and meeting rooms – one of which doubles as an art gallery! Comfortable, bright cubicles, breakout rooms and collaborative spaces pepper the top floor’s account management, channel strategy and media departments. The wide staircase leads directly to the lower floor, which is dominated by a large café area, a miniature library and cubicles designed to cater to the interdepartmental flow of traffic that is inevitable in the studio and creative departments. It is this forethought that translates into such a creative and inspiring place to work (which translates into creative and inspiring work).

I’ve been really enjoying making the most of interning in the vibrant BCM offices and look forward to the post-Christmas stint of the BCM Baptism Summer Internship Program.

Tyler Henry is an Art Director Intern at BCM

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