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Wanna make it Facebook official?

by BCM Group on 20 February 2014


Did you know that Facebook can now predict when you’re going to start dating someone?

Thanks to the folks at Facebook Data Science, we know that, on average, if you make your relationship status official and you last 3 months, you’ll have a 50% chance of your relationship continuing 4 years or more.


The data tells us that it’s very unlikely you’ll ever be in a relationship with anyone who shares a different religion to you.  We know, for a fact, that if you’re a single female you’re significantly more likely to end up dating an older man than someone younger than you.  The older you are, the bigger the age gap.

With the latest figures indicating that 1.3 BILLION people use Facebook monthly, the sheer sample size reduces the effect of false positives, like best friends “marrying” each other as a joke, or users not bothering to update their relationship status.

What happens next?  Apps that will genuinely predict who you are about to start dating?  I’m sure by this point, Facebook have some scarily accurate information regarding the likelihood of a potential romance being successful, based on detailed information drawn from a users Likes, Interests & internet browsing history.

What effect will this have in the real world?  Will we bypass the potential love of our life because an algorithm decided that I like eating pizza in bed and she likes going rock-climbing on weeknights? Because I post a lot of memes and she only ever likes videos of cats, there’s only a 6% chance we’ll make it 6 months?

Will we start sending out care packages to loyal customers & online brand advocates at the time we predict they will break up?  Taylor Swift albums, discount removalist coupons & free gym memberships would surely be appreciated?

Think of the possibilities for direct mail!


Matty Newton is the Social Media Specialist at BCM 


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