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Times Are Changin’

by BCM Group on 12 January 2016

There are few things more infuriating in life than the tragic realisation that you’ve run out of an essential household product, only to result in a tedious one-item quest to the nearest corner store.

Yet this seemingly uneventful purchase process comes as no shock to advertisers, they’ve known about this dilemma for years. Take the iconic Got Milk? campaign for example. Stemming from the inherent hatred of running out of milk, this campaign helped revitalise the consumption of milk in California and cemented itself among the most classic of ad campaigns.


But as is the case with most classic 90’s trends, contemporary culture has regurgitated this strategy with the added convenience and finesse of modern technology, gracing us with the Amazon Dash Button. Available to Amazon Prime members, the Dash Button provides consumers with the convenience to stock up on homely necessities from toilet paper to Macaroni with the simple push of a button. Armed with Wi-Fi capability and a smartphone application this gadget has already infiltrated its way into the impulsive buyer’s home.


Now, I’m sure we’d all like to think that our own purchases are a little bit more considered and complex than that of which can be ordered through a button stuck on the pantry door. But after some contemplation around what I actually use, I’m not so sure anymore.  Sure, some days I might splurge and buy some fresh food, but every other day I’m surviving off brown rice and tuna (two products I urge Amazon to add for the sake of all the hungry students out there).

Similarly, Amazon’s drone service Prime Air is set to deliver another level of next generation home shopping. These flying couriers are set to be deployed once all measures of safety can be assured through “regulatory support”.

(Cue scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds”).


No matter how novel the concept of the Dash Button or Prime Air may sound, you’ve got to give it to Amazon. Taking the Got Milk? strategy and providing an innovative solution that utilizes the beauty of modern technology could turn out to be a game charger not only for online shopping but home delivery too.

Reinventing the milkman may be just what the customer ordered.

Elias Savvakis is a Digital Intern at BCM 

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