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Three in a hot tub

by BCM Group on 14 December 2016

If you’re quick to whip up an idea based on what’s trending. And your client is brave and trusting and has a great sense of humour. And you don’t mind mucking about in the kitchen, shooting and editing your own video (complete with giggly sound effects). Then you can create content that makes your customers love you even more.

The Bachelor was such a huge hit this year that we decided to put together a parody of the series called ‘The Spatula’. The budget was tight so we skipped the food stylist, makeup artist and award-winning director and opted for handmade props and improvised sets instead. We had to move fast, but it was huge fun. We were able to create four short animations starring Sunny the Egg as our love interest and we managed to go live while Bachelorette was still on the telly.

The response? Amazing. Proof again that engagement doesn’t have to cost the earth. Unless you’re James Packer.


Sal Borzillo is an Art Director at BCM

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