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Those bloody Kiwis are bloody funny

by Peter Goodall on 5 December 2017

Some of my favourite film, TV and video work from the last couple of years has come out of New Zealand, starred New Zealanders or been hijacked by New Zealand directors.

Have you seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Brilliant flick.

I loved Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) singing up a storm in Moana.

The Kiwi cameos in the latest Thor movie turned what could have been just another one of those Marvel movies into an action film with lots of really funny moments.

Now Air New Zealand have taken it up a notch with their Mirry Christmas video.


And every time I’m wowed by their work I wonder why we don’t see more of that adventurous, quirky humour here in Australia? Are we really that different? I think I’d have to say yes.

But that’s okay. I figure if you can’t beat them, get them to join you.

That’s why we’ve got a couple of Kiwis here at BCM. Funny. Happy. Clever. Adventurous. Everything you want in a creative department. Everything you need when you’re trying to create charming work that people can’t wait to share.

Hopefully, they’ll stay with us and not run off to join the NZ Police Force.


Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

- Steve on December 5

Here's another top add to the collection, Pete!

- d on December 5

kiwis are awesome. aussies are just too self-conscious to be truly funny. too PC. too beige. the best we've done recently was Dumb Ways To Die. and that was FIVE years ago.

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