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The unlikely suspects

by BCM Group on 22 July 2015

Social media tends to get a bit of a bad rap these days.  You’re constantly hearing how it is impacting our younger generations with the lack of face-to-face interactions and the increased incidents of cyber bullying.  And not to mention in the commercial world, how quickly a bad review of a product/brand/service can be posted, re-tweeted and/or shared to large audiences worldwide.  And let’s not also forget the horror stories of brands simply doing it wrong.

But it isn’t all bad news.  Social media can also be a powerful and useful tool to do some good.

One such example of this, is the social media presence of the Queensland Police Service.  Without the use of this particular platform, it would be difficult for the QPS to get information out to such a large audience (currently sitting at 643k fans).  And in an unexpected twist, not only are they delivering essential information to our community, but they do it with an amazing sense of humour that really speaks to the younger generations, without alienating their older counterparts.  It is something like a mix of tongue-in-cheek wit and dad jokes, and their repertoire ranges from memes, puns, selfies, hashtags and contributing to the latest profile pic update craze – you name it, QPS is on it.

As a government organisation, they could easily deliver all information in a predictable way and no one would question it or pay it much attention (in fact it would be expected). But because they are delivering it in such an unexpected way, people are not only being exposed to it, but are also engaging with it by liking, commenting and sharing the posts that they receive even further reach.

Congratulations QPS for how you’re using this platform.  Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re certainly keeping me engaged and providing me with useful information.

Here is a look my top 10 Facebook posts from QPS:


First profile pic



Red Wedding


Snoop Dogg




Sorry mum


Harry Potter


Lord of the Rungs


One Direction




Do you think it’s appropriate for QPS to get serious messages across in this light-hearted way?

Rebecca Fitzgerald is an Account Manager at BCM

- d. on July 23

love the qld police. been following them ever since I saw my first What The Friday?. clever as well as informative. they have comprehensively nailed social media.

- Kev on July 23

Big 'hats off' to QPS. They do an amazing job with social.

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