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The Sweet Smell of Success

by BCM Group on 20 October 2016

There’s no way to sugar coat it. Marketers today operate in very challenging times.

Consumers are savvy and often cynical about marketing communications.

Technology allows them to block, filter and ignore any communication perceived to be of little value.

The days of measuring campaigns on vague awareness metrics are long gone. KPIs are about return on investment, measureable results and effectiveness.

We are all held to account and the pressure is on, big time!

To maintain a competitive edge at a time when unique selling propositions and traditional approaches to marketing are increasingly redundant is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity.

So how do we create work that’s great and that actually performs against those KPIs?

We believe that it is all about the symbiotic relationship between creative and strategy.

That’s the key to developing impactful marketing communications that really work.

Sound strategic foundations and brilliant creative thinking will perform every time.

Nothing excites us more than to see our clients succeed, and that’s a truth that has built the many long-term relationships that BCM enjoys with our client partners.

With that in mind, we were thrilled to have four of our clients recognised as 9 x finalists across a variety of categories in the 2016 AMI National Awards for Marketing Excellence.

This year’s awards were the biggest in its 34 year history with over 200 entries from some of Australia’s most recognised brands.


Image via Twitter user Dr_NadZ

At a gala event in Sydney last night, a judging panel of Australia’s foremost marketing practitioners from industry and academia awarded BCM two national marketing excellence awards.

The first was the Mobile Marketing Award which recognised our work for CitySmart’s ‘Reduce Your Juice’ programme – an energy efficiency initiative which was designed to help low income renters. This programme was a collaboration between BCM, CitySmart and QUT.


The second was the Social Marketing and Social Change/Non-Profit Marketing Award which recognised our work for the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ ‘Mates Motel’ campaign, which encouraged young men to crash at a mate’s place after drinking.


These awards are highly coveted as they recognise excellence in marketing and the ability of the work to generate real measurable success. And that’s what matters to us and our clients.

So a big congratulations to CitySmart and the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and also to all the dedicated BCMers who worked so tirelessly to bring this great work to life.

It is great to stop every now and then to enjoy some peer recognition from some of the best in the business.

Jo Stone is Director of Strategy at BCM

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