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The last of the Baby Boomers

by BCM Group on 9 April 2014


It was 1964, the last year of the post-war baby boom, and Australia was riding high. Robert Menzies was Prime Minister. Donald Horn’s The Lucky Country hit the bookstores. And when the Beatles landed here on their very first Australian tour, the whole country felt that life just couldn’t get any better than this.

It was also the year the very first edition of The Australian was published; the year Australia’s 3rd commercial TV station ATV-0 was launched; and the year The Ramrods – the rock group managed by Paul Keating – produced a number one hit titled, ironically, She Lied.

Australia was top of the pops in the sporting arena that year too. Donald Campbell set the new land speed record of 429 miles per hour in his jet-propelled car, Bluebird, at Lake Eyre. Dawn Fraser won three gold and one silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. And Bobby Simpson skippered the Australian team to victory in the Ashes.

No two doubts about it, life was non-stop excitement back in 1964. Every day something amazing and new seemed to be unfolding. Well, every day, that is, except one. April 10. A day filled with such mind-boggling tedium, it was set to go down in the annals of time as the dullest day in history.

The newspaper headlines on that day literally groaned with ennui. Here in Brisbane, people dozed off in their Weetbix reading about the opening of the Moonie-Brisbane oil pipeline. In Europe, readers yawned their way through a mundane lead story about an Iranian motor launch catching fire. And in the city that never sleeps, even the most lively of New Yorkers were bored to snores by the riveting announcement that an unremarkable baseball stadium in Upper Manhattan was about to be demolished.

What a day! It may have been the height of the Swinging Sixties, but the music scene managed to hit an all-time low on April 10, 1964, too, with Frank Sinatra recording his most forgettable single ever: Don’t be a Do-badder.

It’s hard to imagine a more dreary and uninteresting day than April 10, 1964. It even bombed out on the Celebrity Birthdays list. In fact, the only famous people recorded as being born on this day were Dutch tennis player Manon Bollegraf, American guitarist Felicia Collins, and Indian magician Gopinath Muthukad.

Just when it seemed the whole world would turn out the lights and go to bed early so they could finally get April 10, 1964, over and done with, baby Kevin Moreland arrived on the scene and saved the day from historical insignificance.

Happy 50th birthday Kev!

Deb Enright is a Senior Creative at BCM

- Dwayne on April 11

You're such a clever writer Deb. "No two doubts about it" — Love it.

- Giulianna Stead on April 11

Kev, joyeux anniversaire de Paris!

- Kaylene on April 10

Happy Birthday, Kev! Next joy is to await for the arrival of the National Bowel Screen test in the will not be allowed to forget that you are now 50!!! :-)

- Gillian Tucker on April 10

Kev I find it hard to believe you're the same age as Tim Tams. Have a great day!

- Malina on April 10

Happy birthday Kev! Have a good one. Great post (as always) Deb.

- Angie Hancock on April 10

Happy 50th Birthday Kev, looking good for 50! The Paleo Diet suits you!

- Jo Stone on April 10

Happy birthday Kev. Now no escaping being lumped into the 'mature' segment of the agency so much admired by Qld Motorways. We absolutely must all travel with a sub-30 person to down age us in meetings.

- Paul Cornwell on April 10

Have a great day Kev. You don't look a day over 49!!

- Kev on April 10

Hilarious. Thanks Deb

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