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The joy of six

by Peter Goodall on 26 September 2014

When Jack Cooksey got his trembling hands on the new iPhone 6 he was so excited he dropped it on the ground. Nice work Jack. Not only have you now notched up a gazillion views on Youtube, you’re also the proud owner of a slightly evolved, slightly bigger (and slightly scratched) phone.

Today I got my new iPhone 6. There were no news crews there to capture the moment when I first opened the spring-loaded packaging. So I guess I’ll just have to give you my first thoughts in as few words as possible.

The phone is, as Stephen Fry put it, “utterly gorgeous.” I think it’s a touch too big, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Personally I liked the Henry Ford ‘make it any colour so long as it’s black’ philosophy. But research must have told Apple bling was the thing so they offered up Benson & Hedges gold and Hi-Ho silver. I went for grey.

I didn’t think the phone was going to be much of a leap forward. More a hop, skip and a jump ahead. In fact, I initially thought the most exciting thing about it was that it had the same charger as my iPad. But then I started to play with the camera and I realised that this really was going to be worth being locked into a two year plan. Not only does it do slo-mo, it also has ‘camera shake correction.’ This means that drunken Christmas footage might actually look like it was shot by a sober person.

The other really cool thing about the new iPhone is that it’s wrapped around iOS 8, an operating system that’s making it possible for inter-app communication. It’s going to make workflows seamless in lots of cool ways. For example the iOS 8 camera app will be able to access VSCO Cam’s filter presets. When you’re looking at a photo in your camera roll you’ll be able to send it straight to Dropbox. And if you ask Siri what that song is she’ll be able to plug into Shazam’s brain and name that tune for you. Software engineers call this a breakthrough in teamwork extensibility. It’s one of those smug buzz words that’ll you’ll probably hear a lot in the next couple of months – and be totally over by Christmas.

One of the most intriguing features of the new model is the enhanced pre-emptive text with idiolect dictionaries. Apparently my iPhone could have written this post for me in the style of Dickens. How soon before we can get our phones to write us an ad in the style of David Abbott?

Peter Goodall is BCM’s Creative Director

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