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The Creative Intern’s Survival Kit

by BCM Group on 13 January 2014


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Interning: it’s the wonderful limbo of your career (and just as exciting as the dance game of the same name). Like reaching the half way point of Mount Everest, one can’t help feeling a huge sense of achievement in simply making it this far (not to give the impression that I am speaking from experience… as far as Everest goes at least!). The peak is almost visible through those hazy clouds of apprehension and the idea of turning back seems utterly dismal. Below lies that retail job you swore you’d never do again and eternity spent in your childhood bedroom. But aloft lies the possibility of that rarest of rare gems… your dream job.

If you are lucky enough to have this professional dry run – the dress rehearsal for your career – here are a few essential items I suggest every intern pack:

Emily Jackson is an Art Director Intern at BCM

- Peter on January 21

Great blog Emily. Very inspiring.

- Alice on January 17

Absolutely amazing! These are all such great lessons to live by and advice, intern or not! Very amusing, creative and a thoroughly enjoyable read! Hope to read more from you!

- Harriet on January 17

Emily you are so insanely talented, I do not even know what to say! I am constantly flawed by your phenomenal creativity, ingenuity and intelligence! Proud of you! <3

- Mike on January 17

Awesome, made me chuckle remembering the good ol' days!

- Sharon D on January 15

Fresh, imaginative and innovative - just as the best interns should be! Bravo.

- Fionn on January 15

Brilliant, this is so creatively done.

- Michele Prescott on January 14

Great blog Emily, and good advice for the interns that follow you.

- asha on January 14

to die for! beautifully written & so cleverly illustrated!

- Allison on January 14

Love this post - it's fresh, insightful and appealing!

- Kristen on January 14

Your pictures are amazing & so is your blog!

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